Friday, April 9, 2010

BookXcess - I came, I Grab, I Bought ! - Guilty Guilty Guilty!!!

I am guilty again. Never put me in a book shop like BookXcess...I will go broke :p And I was up in KL with Jo to hand in some forms for her visas and with some extra time, we hopped onto the LRT to Taman Jaya and straight to AmCorps Mall - BookXcess and gosh all those cookbooks can really make me go gaga. I saw, I grab and I bought 2.  Told you I just can't resist a good cookbook.  Jo , of course is in heaven and I told her this " gal, grab what you want and don't browse...coz we have just an hour before we have to leave the place " 
And guess who is the one who don't want to leave the place..... and my weakness for all these cookbook and they were so cheap...I want to move to KL!!!! Anyway I grabbed two good cookbooks and I went home so happy . We went off to KLCC to meet up with Piggy boy . While waiting we had some photoshooting with our new babies LOL! Have a look at how happy Jo was and I took the opportunity to ask  blackmail her to pose for me with my new book...haha needless to say I got what I wanted and afterwhich I will  blackmail  ask sweetly my Josh to pose with my new book ...( this was a bet between Jo and myself ) She said " this cool guy will not hold your book for you " and I proved her WRONG ! He did  it for me and at the KLCC food court too!!! Hahahaha...I won and I have my book with him in a picture. Crazy a not this Momsie. Anyway who cares I had my fun with my two Piggies and it was a day I will treasure forever. They are growing older each day and they will not have time for me later in their working lives so I better spend more time with them now as much as I can. :)))

all these are to die for...:p

new japanese cookbook..the famos Yo Sushi

Jo and all her new books...see how happy she is

this cool guy agreed to pose for me...hahaha I won the bet...

She posed for me too...good gal :))

One for the babies Josh and Jo

A day in my Life that I treasure most...
I got my books and my babies !  :)))

*      *       *


  1. WOW Elin! I'm so jealous leh. Books in Singapore are very expensive. Most of the time, I've to wait for 20% discount storewide.

  2. i m also jeles and envious!! when kathy told me about this bookxcess, i was thinking when and how i could go... sigh.. i think i can spend hours there too, provided got money la!! hahaha...

  3. hvent been to the NEWly opened BookXcess yet.. the other time I bought a Nigella Christmas book at 1/3 of the original RP from *ahem* other book store *ahem*

  4. come across to your blog. thanks for introduce me to this bookstore. eventho' i'm in KL but never knew about this bookstore.

    this month i'm officially broke (^_^)

  5. Wow, you grabbed so many cook books ah?

    Saw on the 1st day of opening cook books were as low as RM%. I grabbed two for my friend too.

  6. You reminded me...I have not actually bought a book for a long long time. But I do love sitting in a bookstore and browse the books.....I can be so happy just doing that :)

  7. wow!! I wish I could have a chance to grab some books too! Please share some recipes once you try those recipes from the books ok. Cheers!

  8. know in Ipoh books are expenisve too. If you happens to be holidaying in KL do drop by BookXcess...their books are cheap :))

    Claire...let's go together one of these day. I don't mind going again..lots of novels and the prices can make you go gaga :p

    Swee must go. Lots of cookbooks there and cheap too :))

    ♥ me ♥ ...hi welcome to my humble blog. Oh you must visit this place...lots of too BROKE :p

    Hi Kathy...yup I grabbed two only haha I love the Relaxed Cooking With Curtis Stone...lots of crepes and pancakes and desserts...haha lots of keep me occupied for the year! Your friends are so lucky to have you..buying books for them hahah especially Claire :))

    tigerfish..yup me too but I tend to buy them so I should abstain from going into a bookstore :p

    Grace...yessss I will try out the recipes and share on my blog :))

  9. Should have drop by BookXcess, missed all the bargain!

  10. I feel your pain about cookbooks...sigh....I can never seem to have enough, now I buy them for the school library. I look forward to reading more from you!!

  11. Alice...ohhh but dun worry,they still have sale later in the year.

    Chef Dennis...thanks for dropping by :) itis still a joy to buy for your school library. You run a cooking school?


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