Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signature Food Court , Level 2, Suria KLCC

We were at  KLCC food Court for a late lunch after meeting up with Josh. There are quite a lot to choose from but we - Jo and myself opted for the Japanese set lunch. I took the Salmon Steak Teppan - regular set that comes with iced Ocha and Miso Soup. Jo had her Chicken Katsu Japanese Brown Curry . Josh ordered his usual Seafood Pasta from another stall. I forgot to take a picture of it coz I was busy eating and enjoying my salmon steak :p . I don't usually take food photos when I eat out  but because I wanted Josh to pose with my new cookbook , I might as well take the opportunity to snap  a few pics.

There is this controversial debate whether one should start shooting away when the food arrives, well actually it depends where I am and who I am  with. With my family, they know that it is a common thing for me to do unless I am with guests or at official functions. And I make sure the flash is not on and that it must be a quick one.  My faithful point and shoot cam is such a dear. I will set it to auto mode and off the flash so that it will not disturb other diners and make sure it is a fast one.  With the flash on, it is indeed quite irritating and more so when people are hungry and waiting to eat :pp  I am not on  food review but just for fun at times for my Piggies to see what I eat with their Dad :p

I can be quite weird though at times...I enjoy more taking my own cooked food.... I know my photography skill is rotten but I do want improvement in my going down hill age and I hope to be a better photographer even though I own a point and shoot digital camera - Canon PowerShot A550 and  live a life doing what I enjoy doing most and be happy with my family.  My blog was started JUST for my babies who were away at college and now IT IS still for them, though I have now cater for friends and many faithful readers who used to write to me telling me how much they love this blog of mine :)) Thank you so much for the support . And I hope to be able to continue baking and sharing my cooking experience with all of you. 

I will be starting another blog soon. It is still under construction . It will be just DESSERTS and nothing else LOL!  Hopefully I will be able to start that off. Okay , back to the japanese set lunch :)) 

my Salmon Steak Teppan set @ RM16.90

close-up of that piece of salmon steak

Jo's Chicken Katsu Japanese Brown Curry @ RM13.90

Jo likes this but I don't :p

this Miso soup , surprisingly tasted good :)) with lots of wakame in it

Bear with me if I am a little long winded this time LOL! age is catching up..going downhill :p

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  1. Havent been to that food court for a long time. Preferred the one at Wisma Central

  2. Dropping by from My Little Space, hi!

    The spread looks interesting but overall how was your verdict? Only the miso is good? I'm a fanatic of good food with resonable price, lol!

    Please have a joyful week ahead!

  3. Hi Kathy... I am Ipoh gal so only know the tourist places like klcc and MV haha so the only place to meet up with the kids...but now they have lots of choices. Food is okay only :p

    Hi Alice...the salmon steak is good but the other japanese chicken brown curry is not that good. The chicken over fried. I have not tried the rest of their menu so not really sure coz I am from trip :))

  4. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I checked out your informative and well-written blog. Look forward to following you here. Have a wonderful Sunday. Cheers!

  5. Oh Elin, when are you going there again? I want to come with you ;DD

  6. elin, did i left a comment asking u to email me yr details? i gave wrong email its sashatan at

  7. Oh...okie I have sent them to you to the correct email address :) Thanks for all the trouble.


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