Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pasta Nite - Spaghetti Bolognese :)

I was busy with work again and thus too tired to cook anything elaborate so I told my people at home :p that I am just going to cook pasta for them and that they can have spaghetti bolognese my version for dinner. They love pasta so no problem for the two younger one but Daddy not too happy to have pasta for he is a  'rice pot' ( the canto way of saying someone who can't go without rice ) - must have rice for dinner :p but I managed to persuade him to have pasta telling him that I will make something extra ordinary for him...lol!  and that he will surely like it ...so I chopped up some fresh oregano and add in lots of ground black pepper . bread crumbs and garlic into the minced beef....yay ! truly a delicious and flavorful meatballs to go with the bolognese sauce. 

The beef meatballs was well seasoned and the fresh oregano does play a part in making it some tasty and the bread crumbs make the meatballs extra moist and juicy and yet crispy on the outside. Infused with the  flavorful and aromatic bolognese sauce...you will never believe how tasty the meatballs can be...I tucked in two plateful  :p   Slurp slurp all went into the tummy and we had a wonderful pasta feast for dinner.

ingredients for the beef meatballs - minced meat, bread crumbs, 
chopped garlic ,chopped fresh oregano , ground black pepper ,
 and a sea salt and not least the olive oil

ingredients for the bolognese sauce - chopped garlic, tomato paste,
 tomato puree, black pepper, mixed herbs , canned button mushrooms, 
dried mixed italian herbs, chopped cherry tomatoes, 
sprigs of fresh oregano , lots of cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese
a pinch of salt and sugar to taste and add red wine if you have any
in wine cellar :)

I love the sauce to be thick and flavorful - thick enough to coat the

What can I say except that we were slurpping away
this  deliciousness for dinner!

Enjoy drooling  ;p

Click here for my basic bolognese sauce.

P/s I have a list of to do bakes and yet too busy and tired to try anything yet
I will be attending a 3 days course on Database programme..starting tomorrow
why don't they send me for some cooking courses LOL!

Have a great day !

*       *       *


  1. Oh wow, this looks so fantastic! Thank you for my blog comment!!!

  2. This looks super yummy! I don't mind to have this everything day ;DD

  3. Nothing beats a good old fashioned bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese!

  4. you can't beat pasta, and your sauce looks great..


  5. Hi ~ RED ~ ... you have a great blog. Will be dropping by for some of your awesome recipes:)

    Hi Anncoo...haha yup me too..especially if someone cook for me :p

    Hi Emily...yess...classic ones are still the best :)

    Hi sweetlife...thanks for your lovely comment...makes my day :))

  6. My hubby is also a rice pot! I can only be able to make this kind of recipe when he's outstation, fishing!

  7. Hi Kristy..haha asian man la lol! I am still thinking what to do with the dried lavender...should i make lemon mayer lavender cupcakes :)) or lavender shortbread ? I think I will make both when time permits. Thanks for it :))muax

  8. Woo looks fancy although the Pasta is not my favorite dish but this one looks killing me.


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