Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Lunch @ Delicious Restaurant, Cowan Street

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and after church service, about 40 people from the church went out to have easter lunch together at a new restaurant - Delicious Restaurant in Cowan Street. Just a simple lunch of 7 dishes plus a soup and dessert. If you ask my personal opinion, there's not much to shout about. Normal home cooked food. Once again , it is the fellowship that counts. My family enjoyed the fellowship and for me as long as someone else cooked the food and I am being served , I have nothing to complain. :p :P :)))

First the soup was served to us , the normal Chinese Herbal Chicken soup...natural sweetness with the pleasant fragrant of chinese herbs ..very home cooked :) , next came the Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu - simple and light. Followed by their special Wet Curry Chicken dish with lots of lady fingers - not bad, something different from the usual curry dish. The next one was Pork Ribs Braised in Coca Cola until the gravy thickens and coats the ribs pieces - too sweet for my taste, other then that it was quite okay with a after taste of coca cola.  ( leave it to the chinese, they can be creative and uses any ingredients when it comes to cooking a new dish :p ) The Otak Otak was just okay ...the one sold outside my housing estate was much much better...ouch I am not giving  them a bad review here but according to my tastebud it was not good :p  There was this vegetarian dish  - Braised Abalone Mushrooms - it was all canned mushrooms...what a waste ! It would have been nicer if it had been fresh mushrooms but just the same it was just okay. There was another vegetable dish - Stir Fried Kayle with Salted Fish which I forgot to take a picture for you to drool :)) Too busy chatting and eating at the same time. Not able to multi tasked this time :p

the hot fragrant chinese herbal chicken soup

otak otak is a kind of steamed  fish fillet  marinade with spicy santan and 
wrapped in banana leaves .

wet curry chicken dish - this is quite special  though :)

sizzling hot plate tofu

braised pork ribs in coca cola

Braised assorted canned mushrooms in oyster sauce

We had a wonderful Easter Lunch together..... :))

a time to also remember the precious gift God has given us
His only Begotten Son that we shall have eternal life!!!
and Easter marked His resurrection.

Just sharing here with all of you what we had on Easter Sunday:))

*        *         *


  1. Look at the whole table of delicious food! I love that tofu on sizzing plate the most!

  2. Never heard nor seen this restaurant. Near to Koh Samui there?

  3. Conviviality is a wonderful thing and to be able to experience it without having to do all the work is even better~

  4. Hi Elin, we are displaced Malaysians living in US. This summer we will be back in Canning Garden, Ipoh visiting family. Could you please tell me where the otak-otak stall near your house is? Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Angie...haha yup that was a nice dish...simple and delicious :)

    James...yup it is opposite of Koh Samui...just opened a few months back :))

    tasteofbeirut...welcome...I can't agree more...well said :))

    Su...it is just opposite the shop houses in Ipoh Garden East. One of the stall in the centre. It is actually a laksa stall but selling home made otak otak. If I am not mistaken it they have it only on a Saturday. Let me know when you are coming back, maybe I can get them for you when u are back. Just email me :))


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