Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'Cooking With Curtis Stone ' Landed Safely At My Doorstep :)))

Was I not happy when this book arrived at my doorstep a week ago...I got it for a song :) and guess what the recipes were really good and had me ogling at those beautiful pictures inside...I can't help it...I am a sucker for great food pictures :p and the pictures inside his book entranced me so much that I just had to share with you a few of the pictures from the book. A very good buy and it was worth waiting for it. BookXcess did a good job and their customer service is EXCELLENT ! Now the good new for me is that they will deliver books to home out of KL and I am so happy for once to be living out of KL :p I have nothing but praises for them and was I not HAPPY ??? I am !

Here are some pictures I took for you to drool . Out of the whole lot, these are the ones that had me salivating the whole night....I want to try this recipe out...lamb with rosemary crust ! You agree with me that this is a good book to own ?  Definitely , his recipes are simple and adventurous , I am so in love with his recipes and I will be trying out mostly from the two books . I am glad that I am now a proud owner  Curtis Stone's books and I hope to amass the whole collection of his cookbooks in the future. With BookXcess, I can now buy books online and save me a trip to KL , thanks to Kathy of who told me that they have delivery services for people out of KL :))  After paying for the delivery service, the book was still cheap :)))

Roast Rack Of Lamb With A Honey & Rosemary Crust...mmmm
I can't wait to try this out :)))

Beer-Battered Cod With Home-made Chips And Tartare Sauce

and this delectable Raspberry Soufflé with Raspberry Sauce
this had me salivating the whole night :))
Beautiful dessert...isn't it ????

Most of his recipes are healthy and are easy and simple to prepare..
very suitable for me as most of the ingredients used in his recipes
are my favourites. I have found something I like this year
and Curtis Stone's Cookbooks are a blessing to me :))) 
Stay tuned, I will be trying out his 
Deep Fried Aubergine With Mozzarella and Basil tonite :))

*      *      *


  1. The book looks good and i'm salivating over the picture of raspberry soufflé! The book only costs RM14.9? That's a steal!

  2. All I could notice is that Chef looks so hot. ;-)

  3. Your welcome. Just sharing with those who likes books :)

    so when going to start "work"..kekeke looking forward to delicious posts

  4. Hahaha...I think I've to agree with Angie! haha... Frankly, the book is quite cheap, RM14.90! And some more delivery to door step. Hey, where to get this kind of services! Enjoy!
    Regards, Kristy

  5. Awwww.....Elin, sounds like I need to get one copy already tomorrow in the book store!

  6. Wow you've got a good bargain. You must own a huge shelf of cookery books!

  7. Hi Elin,
    That looks like a great book! But if you have to choose, which one would you have? Relax Cooking with Curtis or Cooking with Curtis: Easy, Everyday etc? I am also considering of getting one....thanks for your input.

  8. This book looks very good one! Will check it out from bookstore soon :)

  9. Hey to all...thanks for dropping by to see my latest acquisition lol! Gorgeous looking chef..huh :p

    Piggy...yup it is a steal ! RM14.90 only:)) The recipes are awesome...simple and yet delicious and just my style of cooking :)

    Angie dear...haha that was what attracted me to pick up the book in the first place :p then after flipping thru the pages, I knew I must have it...the man doesnt matter after that but his recipes Yes!! :)

    Kathy...thanks for your info and help :) muax to you and Joshua for that :)) is a steal and I paid for the delivery which is a small sum. My gal ordered another novel so for both books the delivery charges cost only RM9! :)

    Quinn...oh you must buy his two books...great recipes :) you will not regret it :)) I am worried where to place them...haha I need a bigger shelf in my small abode :p

    Bee Bee...both are equally good so if you ask me, I will take both. You go check both out and if you like the recipes better than the other one then take the one you like most. For me I love his books , so if there is a third one, I will still buy it coz he is such a versatile chef...clever and he can make a simple dish delectable. So if you ask me both is good ,so up to you if you intend to just take one. Go and flip thru first before you decide :))

    Grace...hope you too will like it :))

  10. Curtis Stone is cute ain't he :D:D I hope BookXcess can have more cookbooks :D

  11. Swee San, Ya, I hope so too. Now that I know they have delivery services, buying them is not a problem now :))

  12. I love Curtis Stone and his Take Home Chef show. I always have this fantasy that he will pop up at our supermarket here and I will take him home with me so he can cook me and Carlos a romantic mea; ha ha

  13. awwww... I have a crush on Curtis as does my mum :) Loved him on Take Home Chef and this book is brilliant. Mind you, I have yet to make anything from it... hahaha....

  14. Gertrude...haha now I know I am not the only one that take a liking to his style of cooking !!! Oh that would be nice....a romantic dinner for you and Carlos on your wedding anniversary , a meal cooked by Curtis Stone himself :)))

    Oh I wish we get to see him on Take Home Chef over here...I will forgo my Korean drama for his show lol!

    Jenn....oh you must try out his will love him more :))


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