Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kalbi Ribs

The other day when I was in KL ,I bought this bottle of kalbi marinade from the Cold Storage ,The Gardens and truly it was delicious. After the Korean lunch at The Gardens, I was fascinated by their dishes and thus this bottle of kalbi marinade was all I needed to take home to Ipoh :)) And you can guess what I did with it...LOL! yup yup this deliciousness came about thanks to this bottle of marinade goodness :)) Lips-smacking Kalbi Ribs for the Piggies' dinner- made simple !
I love this marinade made of  soya sauce, high fructose sugar, pear puree, apple puree, citric acid, ginger extract, black pepper powder, garlic and rice wine...mmmmm can you imagine how good this flavorsome marinade when infused into the meat and roasted to satisfaction...a wonderful dinner of course...* tongue sticking out * - sorry if I have managed to make you salivate while drooling here :p

marinate the ribs for 30 mins or more with this flavorsome
kalbi marinade

placed them on a aluminium foil based tray and bake at 200 C
for 25 minutes and keep basting with the balance of the marinade sauce
every 5 minutes till well coated and cooked

mouth-watering kalbi ribs ready
to be served to the Piggies :)

thumbs up for this kalbi marinade sauce

Woot hoot .. Josh is back for a month semester break :)).
and I am looking forward to a weekend full
of baking activities :)

*      *      *


  1. Yum..yum...I'm hungry again after looking at this delicious kalbi ribs ;)

  2. oh so this is Kalbi (or Galbi?) marinade. I never knew it has fruity essences in them. Good one, Elin.

  3. man, I could go for some of that - sounds like a wonderful marinade with all the fruit - lip smacking

  4. Oh! These ribs sure look very tempting...yummie!

  5. My mom is a big fan of ribs. I'll pass this along to her!

  6. these ribs look so tempting! simply delicious! must get a bottle soon.

  7. They do look yummy, finger-licking good!

  8. Ha! This is one of my fave Korean dishes! Think I need to make this, too ... Yours looks yummy ...

    P.S. Sorry yea ... Been very busy and tired ... So, less time to visit around lately ... What to do with a full-time job ... Hahaha ...!

  9. yum yum! I'm making it right now! but still looking for the recipe!

  10. I haven't had some ribs for a couple of months and I am drooling over the photo.

  11. Been a long while since I had some good quality ribs. That looks so yummy!

    Have a lovely and peaceful weekend!

  12. Hi Kathy, Anncoo, James , Drick, MaryMoh, Juliana , Mother Rimmy , Sonia , Cheah, Pei-Lin , Belinda, Mr.Pineapple Man, Dining Tables and Angie :))

    Thanks for dropping by to drool at these delicious kalbi ribs . Do try this out, it is simple and yet finger licking good :)) take care and hope baking will take the stress off you. it is the best therapy ever :))

  13. Kalbi marinade is pretty easy to make from scratch. Kalbi is one of my 4 basic food groups! : )


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