Friday, March 5, 2010

Subway Sandwiches

I love eating and I think I have grown sideway the last few weeks. Eating and walloping all the sinfully decadent food….and this long Subway sandwiches is enough to make me bloat sideways. Jo and myself were in KL last week and while waiting for the Ipoh bound train , our stomachs were rumbling like a hunger tiger so we went straight to Subway and stuffed ourselves to this long sandwiches piled with smoked turkey ham and lots of greens salad. I can’t tell you how yummilicious they were but these can’t beat the ones that Piggy boy had in New York. They were almost a foot long and he had a swell time munching them and this story of his  ‘Subway sandwiches in New York ‘ was retold again and again * my eyes will be rolling backward each time he tells the story of his NYsandwiches.
Malaysian Subway ones are so tiny it seems. I have never had one from NY so I won’t compare :p Malaysian are smaller built in term of size so of course  we eat will be in smaller portion…yesss there are exception. Some small built people can eat a big portion too…er er er....ya ya don’t stare at me even though I am one of those smaller built people ahem... who eats like a giant :p  Even my colleagues say I eat a lot LOL!

mmmmm...can't wait to eat them...of all fast food this is wht I like best

lots of greens in it.... you can choose what u want but I took all :p

guess who loves Subway  too...this Piggy of course...see 
how happy she is..beaming all the time :p
seriously this is the best sandwiches where fast food is concern
of course my opinion...

Sad to say we don't have Subway in Ipoh....if not I will bloat
even more and I can have this sandwiches everyday coz
they have special menu everyday at RM7.50 
from Monday to Saturday!

*       *       *


  1. There is a Subway at Bukit Bintang in KL where I usually stay but I have never gone to try. Any good? No photo of the sandwiches?

  2. Hi Elin,
    Comparing the Subway sandwiches I had in California and in Malaysia, the latter one taste much better! You would think the original would taste better...but sadly no. So you are not missing out, the one you had is indeed better. ;) Perhaps Ipoh will have Subway soon, fingers crossed. *As if Ipoh is not a food paradise already!*

  3. I love this kind of sandwiches as well. I'm a very big eater when I was younger. Maybe my stomach became smaller when I grew older and only be able to eat small portion of food each time. So, I do eat very often...hehe! Hey, did anyone tell you that your piggie girl looks exactly like you?

  4. You get this from KL Sentral? Have not been to KL Sentral and have not tried Subway sandwiches either. Since you and Bee Bee said so good, must quickly find one day to try it out.

  5. This is my favorite too! Forget about the cookies or potato chips, the sandwich itself is a healthy meal.

  6. When u r in KL or Penang next, try O'Brien sandwiches... lagi best.

  7. Hi STP... we gasak all then I remembered I have not taken a pic of it :(

    Hi Bee it? then I don't miss much except the size of it :p Ipoh food paradise but becoz I am so used to it already so I crave for KL food more....especially fast food coz not many fast food in Ipoh that is nice hahaha like just got out of used to home cooked food!! :))

    Hi Kristy...she does look like me when I was young haha :)) you are not that old la. Now my age I still have good appetite ooops don't's a secret..haha ask Claire she will tell you all :)))

    Hi Sonia...yup KL sentral and you must really try this sandwiches..healthy fast food :p my Piggies eat them very it's their staple food :))

    Hi Little Inbox...yup lots of goodness in it..yup healthy fast food. I love it. Ipoh lousy place doesn't have one a branch here :(

    Hi Little Lamb...oohh better than Subway ?...okie will try it when I next go KL or Penang Thanks for sharing :)) Must tell Claire about this :)

  8. i m also a great fan of the chicken terriyaki

  9. I like sandwiches from time to time...haven't found a favourite one yet.

  10. Hi Simple Girl....haha yes delicious and I love their sandwich bread so many to choose from :)

    Hi Cath J's the fish competition got your video done hahha..waiting for my consolation prize :p

    Hi Angie...sandwiches are nice if the filling is good. Healthy food :p

  11. Ive always liked Subway sandwiches. I eat them a lot for lunch while working in hectic Singapore and I never get bored of them! I like the grilled chicken with lots of pickles and olives! Yummm!


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