Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Am A Walking Grapefruit Now ;P

A big thank you to Cath J for sending me this consolation prize for the Top 5 best  fish recipe contest . My entry got a consolation prize and the prize arrived  last Friday . A lovely surprise !!! And thanks to all of you who have voted for me, especially Quinn and Piggy Cuz , without fail had voted for me everyday ! Thanks gals for being so supportive .

Today I tried out this grapefruit scented shower gel and gosh I smelled like a grapefruit walking about. Daddy asked " u bought grapefruits ? "  lol! So I am a grapefruit today ;p  before that I used the mango scented one but I just can't wait to use the grapefruit shower gel so I opened it and used even before the mango one finishes...this came just in time coz the mango one is going to finish fast. The mango one is also a gift. From Piggy Cuz when she went to England for her vacation. Told you, where ever she goes she remembers the Piggies.  I love body shop products but quite pricey if there is no sales. So normally ,we will grab some stuff back when they have the offer on.

the almost empty bottle of  mango showel gel :p

Have a great weekend !  

*       *      *



  1. Congrats! Mr Boar likes the mango one or the grapefruit?

  2. I'm sorry you didn't win Elin but consolation prize is good too! I always and forever will only use the banana one for shower. I love it, absolutely in love with it. I stock up a lot when there is sale. You should too!

  3. haha Kristy...I will keep you guessing :p

    Quinn...yup I normally stock up when there is sale :))


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