Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tortilla Pizza With Runny Egg And Sweet Basil

Sharing with you guys something simple and yet delicious and nutrituous for a light brunch.  I made this Tortilla Pizza With Runny Egg & Sweet Basil for Wild Boar on one of the days while resting at home ( medical leave for a week )   A simple and hearty brunch for him....I don't give him this everyday so don't worry about the sinful stuff in it.  I decided to pamper him something he enjoys much...bacon and runny egg and cheese loaded tortilla pizza !!!  don't worry, I make sure he sweat them out later :p

I have not been posting much lately ...reason being I was down with tonsillitis and followed by subconjunctival hemorrhage . I am much much better now after a week of resting at home :)  No exertion from now on as advised by the doctor but this Momsie is damn not to bake and is my life !!! * Oinking away *  well anyway, I did overdo my exercise at the Polo Ground....brisk walked as though I am a 25 year old lady LOL!  Okay !  " I heard you Claire...slowing down now but it is your birthday so I just have to bake something special for you "   I baked a lovely cake for Claire my close buddy yesterday and I shall share it with you guys in my dessert blog Elinluv's Sweet Delights ") 

Today is Claire's Birthday and I want to take this opportunity to wish Claire of Caring Is Not Only Sharing  -  " a  Joyous & Happy Birthday !!! Hope she enjoys eating the cake as much as I enjoyed baking it for her :)  "
Sorry for the digress.....and now back to this brunch I was talking about........

I have some ready-made tortillas left in the fridge, and not wanting to exert myself, I whip this up for Wild Boar.  Instead of using tomato paste, I brush a layer of thai tom yam paste on the tortilla, throw in some bacons and shredded cheddar cheese . Dump into the preheated oven for 6 minutes..took it out and break an egg on the top and a shake of some mixed herbs and put the tortilla back into the oven and baked for another 6 minutes until the egg is half cooked.  Throw in some homegrown sweet basils ( drizzle some olive oil on the basil ) and continue to bake for another 1 min.  Take it out and cool it for a while before serving.  Love the look of the runny egg on the tortilla pizza.  Some of you may not like the idea of the runny egg on the pizza but I know for sure WB loved it ! and that is all that matters :)

Happy Thanksgiving To all my readers celebrating thanksgiving :)

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  1. Hi, Elin, hope you get well soon.
    Too bad i could find the tortilla in Jusco(KL), so couldn't try your recipe since your last post on the tortilla pizza, where you bought the tortilla base?

  2. So tempting! This reminds of another type of Japanese pizza, Okonomiyaki, which I tried in Bangkok, also with an egg on top, also very yummy!

  3. Sem....MidValley Cold Storage . Thanks, I am back to work already. The dried blood has gone to the back of the eye so not so scary :)

    Min...yea, I can see Wild Boar loved the runny egg :) Good for a light meal.

  4. Elin, hope you get better by now, rest more and you will recover soon. A quick and easy pizza and sound delicious!

  5. elin, rest well. hope you get a quick recovery and see u back in action more! Cheers!!

  6. Sem...sorry not midvalley is sold at the Cold storage ( The Gardens )

  7. Sonia....I am better, thanks for your well wishes :)

    Lena...yea, I am better now , thanks :)

  8. Elin,
    glad to know that you are getting better, take good care of yourself ya.
    Thanks a lot for your info, will drop by Cold Storage to buy the base this weekend.

  9. Elin - glad to hear you are feeling better :-)
    This pizza looks like a treat!

  10. Hi Elin, this simply a fabulous idea for a quickie flavourful pizza. Love it. Hope you're all well.
    I haven't been blogging much lately. Hopefully, will able to catch up with you all soon.

  11. Sweet Basil

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