Friday, November 25, 2011

Curried Chicken Peppers And Peas en Papillote - French Fridays With Dorie

Today's FFWD is cook's choice . We can pick any one of the recipes from  Around My French Table !!! and knowing me...I will definitely go for anything cooked  en papillotes.  I heart food cooked in en papillotes ...I can't even count the number of times I have cooked food in parchment paper.  Instead of roast turkey with stuffing for Thanksgiving, it would be a great idea to serve this in individual pouches to family members .  We can serve this parcel dish with white rice or cardamom rice pilaf or couscous or even quinoa as suggested by Dorie herself. I served this with a combination of Brown rice and Basmati rice cooked with screwpine leaves and garlic.  This dish is full of flavor, fragrant, colorful and each family member will have the pleasure of opening the packet and sniff the aromatic steam. And the best thing is , it takes just 5 minutes to assemble and needs absolutely none of my attention while it cooks . And that leaves me time to prepare dessert for the the both of us  :)  

The kids were busy with research and assignments and could not make it back for the short Thanksgiving day was celebrated with this simple dish for the two of us.  I love healthy cooking and this dish was full of flavor and the moment we opened the papillote...mmmmm  the first heady whiff of aromatic steam coming out from the opening , everything was forgotten ! The kids , ooops even the thanksgiving prayer was forgotten until we scooped the first mouthful :(   Of course, we put down our spoon and thank God for everything good inclusive of this wonderful meal :)))   Happy Thanksgiving to all once again :) 

All you need is chicken breasts - cut into strips and 
marinate with olive oil and curry powder .

Dice some red capsicum and add in peas 
( I used sugar snaps in place of peas )
 and some red onion rings.  Add them to the marinated breasts and 
stir them till well coated with the curry powder
leave them to harmonize together for a while

spoon an equal amount of the mix on the center of each piece 
of parchment paper or aluminium foil.

Draw up the edges of the foil or paper and seal the packets well
remember not to crimp the foil or paper close to the chicken
leave room around the ingredients sot they can steam.

Bake the packets on the baking sheet..( You can assemble the
packets up to 4 hours ahead and refrigerate;
 bake for a few more minutes )  Bake the papillotes for 17-20 mins
or until the chicken is cooked through

Serve the packets immediately, bringing them to the table straight
from the oven  or opening them in the kitchen and
arranging the chicken and vegetables on individual plates

I served this dish with basmati and brown rice for our thanksgiving dinner was delicious ...flavorful and aromatic :)

For this Thanksgiving, I thank God for good health, good friends,
wonderful children and a lovely and supportive hubby
 and many wonderful blogger friends , Doristas and readers.

*              *            *


  1. Mmm... I never cook anything in en papillotes before. And looking at the picture of your en papillotes makes me want to try them as well :)

    They look really good and appetizing!

  2. Hi Nash,
    thanks for dropping by my blog :) You have a beautiful blog :) I will be dropping by often to learn more from you :) Have a nice weekend.

  3. Your dish looks amazing!
    Such gorgeous colours!
    We don't celebrate thanksgiving in australia but I love reading and learning about celebrations in other countries. Beautiful post!

  4. What a great French Friday, I am having so much fun seeing all the different recipes. Your meal looks simply delicious and now I'm looking forward to making this one myself.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. It's fun seeing what everyone picked for this week!
    This is a great way to cook things up. Thanks for the preview on this dish.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. What a great choice. This looks so delicious! Your photos of it in the parchment paper are so pretty.

  7. I am becoming a huge fan of cooking "en papillote", and this looks like an inspired choice! I'll bet the flavors were amazing.

  8. Oh, boy, does this look delicious! So vibrant and lovely...excellent choice :)

  9. I love how you pin the parchment packet with a toothpick. What a great idea in lieu of just pleating the paper.

    I can just imagine the aroma of this dish...great choice!

  10. Oooh, something new to try "en papillote"! It's my favorite way to cook salmon....this looks simply marvelous!

    Happy Thanksgiving & French Friday!

  11. What a fabulous pick! I need too venture out and try something like've made it link so easy! AND delicious too!

  12. Dorie's papillote thing had me at salmon and this looks fantastic as well. I had to choose the duck from a few weeks ago as I'm so far behind and didn't want to miss it.

  13. This is definitely on my menu schedule for the month of December. Looks complicated but after reading your Post, it simplified the entire process. Have a Happy Holiday Season.

  14. This really looks great, but never tried it. I've seen so many delicious recipes by now at this ffwd, like yours, that I'm glad I joined. Happy thanksgiving.

  15. Such a lovely meal in baked in parchment- a great choice for a simple flavorful family meal. I have a question, what is a screw pine leaf? I will try this one soon;-)

  16. This looks great! My favorite thing about cooking en papillote is how easy it is to clean up. I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  17. another fabulous en papillote creation of yours, makes me want to do this again! I also want to thank you for being such a nice and supporting friend to me!

  18. The only papillote I've done was the salmon, but I liked the technique. The chicken and vegs looks delicious. Do tell what's a screwpine leaf?

  19. Great recipe choice. It looks delicious!

  20. Thanks Doristas for dropping by and your encouraging and kind comments :) I am glad that I bought AMFT and also baking from home book . Love Dorie and a great fan of most of her books :)

    @ Patty & Betsy : here is the link to more info on screwpine leaf which is also known Pandan leaf

  21. wow! I have been waiting to make the salmon en papillote since I missed it and this looks like a great dinner for the two of you! :) I love that you heart papillote!

  22. in papillote is so much healthy and less cleaning up :)

  23. Oh this turned out just lovely! I can't wait to try a version of it. I especially like that you used the snap peas instead.


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