Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meat Roulade With Cranberry And Croutons Fillings

Christmas is barely 3 weeks away and I am sure many of us will be either dining out in restaurant or slogging in the kitchen for hours preparing a scrumptious dinner for the family :)  For the Piggy family , meat is a must have item on the table. I am going to introduce you to this wonderful Meat Roulade  ( French term for ' rolled ' )with lots of fresh cranberries and fresh italian parsley as a finishing coat for the roasted meat roulade.  Roulade can be either savory or sweet.  Besides the fresh cranberries, I added a layer of ' turkey stuffing ' to give an extra flavor to the meat roulade.  I have two more packets of fresh cranberries in the freezer and I love the tang bitterish after taste of this berries and it is truly a great filling for this pork loin roulade.  A great dish to serve for the coming Christmas.  And if you are still blank as what to cook for the coming Christmas dinner...try this....flavorful and fragrant !  

Meats are commonly used as a rolling medium in savory roulades, but it is also possible to use pastry , cakes, bread or sushi nori and the fillings are varied according to one's taste. I had been flipping through my stack of cookbooks for some ideas and finally I combined all ideas together and came up with this scrumptious dinner for  Wild Boar and his best pal Mr. C whom he invited to dinner.  Christmas dinner came early for the piggy clan LOL!

Trottered to the butcher and bought this one foot long pork loin which costs me Ringgit Malaysia 20 . Came back , slowly, slowly spiral cut it open as shown in the pictures below....hard work but worth every effort put into making this delicious meat roulade :)   In classic roulade, meat is tenderized with a meat mallet before being rolled around a filling made from vegetables, breadcrumbs and sometimes seafood and you can pick the fillings of your choice and I chose fresh cranberries and croutons, bacon and walnuts as fillings for my meat roulade :)   

Cook the fresh cranberries ( 300 grammes ) with 1 orange zest , 1/2 cup caster sugar and 1/2 cup of orange juice till the cranberries pop and turned soft , dish out and keep aside till needed.  Combine together in another bowl,  croutons with  fried bacon bits , crushed toasted walnut, 3 tablespoon of olive oil and some chopped fresh parsley and a pinch of sea salt to taste . Leave the croutons mixture to harmonize for a while . Dijon mustard as a spread before putting in the fillings by layers. First layer will be the cranberries and topped with the croutons mixture before rolling up the roulade like we make sushi .  I have taken some pictures as to let you have a feel how to make the roulade. I am not good with words so I let the pictures tell the story ...... :p

ingredients for the fillings........

meat roulade in the making....

croutons mixture...consists of  pan fried croutons,bacon bits, 
toasted walnuts , italian parsley and olive oil

once the ingredients have been rolled together, 
tie  the roulade with meatbind/twines safe for food
( I bought mine from 100yen shop ) to keep the shape 
while the roulade is roasting in the oven

red wine , bay leaf and  garlic marinade is 
the best basting sauce for this roulade...best to marinate it 
for a day, turning over every 1 hour and keep in the fridge
until it is time to bake the roulade...
I prepared this a day before 

roast in the oven @250 deg C for 1 hour or until cooked through and
basting the roulade with the remnant marinade sauce every 20 mins
and the last 10 minutes, brush honey over the roulade for a shiny
and dark look....

remove the meatbind/twines while it is still hot
and brush on a layer of  Dijon mustard sauce on the surface 
and coat the surface with chopped italian parsley...
this will make the meat roulade more flavorful and fragrant

look how juicy and tender  ...mmmmmm the red wine marinade
was a great choice for this meat roulade........yummy
..the  slight tang and bitterish aftertaste was a great choice for the meat

when it has cooled down, cut with a sushi knife 
so that the fillings doesnt drop off when you are cutting it
I learned this from Wild Boar......:p he is a good partner
in life...my mentor and my friend :) doing a bit of
polishing here becos Christmas is here * oink
ipad2 ??????? LOL!

the most tasty meat roulade I have ever made this far

I made some stuffed portobello mushrooms as side dish...
first I baked the portobello in papillote with garlic and olive oil
for 20 mins till cooked.  Made some japanese mashed potatoes as
stuffing for the mushrooms....it was the most delicious mashed
potatoes.....with bacon bits and chillies and parsley combined together
and a dollop of japanese mayo and olive oil in it.....simple and yet 
delicious....does this look mouth-watering ??? LOL!
alright I am a teaser and a wicked one too ! :p my Piggies are hungry
looking at these..........but I assured them , I will feed them well
this coming Christmas !

drool as much as you like....christmas is coming soon :p

and I made some delicious fruit salad to go with the meat roulade....
red and green so refreshing for the eyes and the palate !
green apples, strawberries ( leftovers from making Claire's cake) 
red USA Anjou pears......yummmy !

I made an orange balsamic sauce for the meat roulade......

I would love to make this again......what about you do you like this 
and want to try making this...I assure you , you will not regreat making
this meat roulade....now as I write it out and looking at the pictures...
I am salivating just thinking how tasty it tasted !  I know Wild Boar
and Mr.C enjoyed the meal as much as I do.............

orange balsamic sauce for the meat roulade...delish
consists of garlic, orange pulps, orange juice,
balsamic vinegar and pinch of sugar......

Meat Roulade With Cranberry ,Croutons, Walnuts Fillings


1 lb of  pork tenderloin  ( about a foot long ) remove fat and the silver tendon on surface
spiral cut it and rub salt and black pepper over surface of the spiral cut tenderloin

Cranberry filling:-

300 gm fresh cranberries - cook with with 
1 orange zest ,
1/2 cup caster sugar 
1/2 cup of orange juice till the cranberries pop and turned soft and thicken

Croutons filling:-

4 slices of 3 days old bread - cut into bite sized - fry in non stick pan with 1.5  tablespoon of olive oil till crispy and golden brown
1 cup of toasted walnut- crushed
a dash of mixed herbs,
a pinch of salt
chopped fresh italian parsley
2 tablespoon of olive oil
pan fried bacon bits

mixed the croutons ingredients together till well harmonized

Dijon mustard 
salt and black pepper

Red wine marinade

1 cup of red wine
2 cloves of garlic- crushed
1 bay leaf

Boil under slow fire for 20 mins till aromatic...cooled before use


Open up the spiral cut tenderloin on a baking sheet, rub salt and black pepper all over the pork loin, brush a layer of dijon mustard on the surface and spoon the all cranberries filling on to the surface like you do making a sushi. When it is evenly spread out, add the croutons fillings on top of the cranberries. Start rolling tightly all the ingredients and when it is done, tie with meatbind /twines so that the meat roulade will remain in shape after roasting.  Marinade with the red wine marinade for a day, flipping over often to make sure the meat is well marinated all over.

Bake the meat roulade for an hour @250 deg C, basting often with the remnant of red wine marinade to get a nice brown. Brush on honey 15 mins before taking it out of the oven.  When it is done, take out, cut off all the twines on the meat., brush a layer of mustard over the body of the roulade and cover the roulade with chopped fresh italian parsley.  Cut into slices and serve with the orange balsamic sauce !

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms With Japanese Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Ingredients :-

6 pieces of large portobello mushrooms - washed clean and drained dry
wrapped them in papillote with olive oil and garlic and baked for 20 mins
till cooked. Take out from the papillote and drain off the excess liquid exuded 
while cooking in the papillotte.

Japanese mashed sweet potatoes

2 big japanese sweet potatoes - boil till soft, and drain off water, let it dry off in the pot
mashed it with a fork 
1/2 cup of bacon bits - pan fried in a non stick and cut into smaller bits
2 tablespoons of fresh italian parsley
a pinch of salt
1/2 tablesoon of  red chilli - chopped 
1tablespoon of olive oil
1.5 tablespoon of japanese mayonaise

Mixed all the mashed potaotes ingredients together till well harmonized. Stuffed them into the cooked portobello mushrooms and serve as a side dish.

Fruit Salad

6  strawbrerries - hulked and cut into quarters
2 red anjou pear - diced
2green apple- diced
italian parsley
1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar

mixed them together and serve as a side dish for the meat roulade.

Christmas came early for Wild Boar and myself LOL!

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  1. wow...that seems to be a lot of work but sure taste good

  2. oh gosh. looks like alot of work but oh so yummmm!!

  3. Gosh..so much work and effort.. but i m sure this roulade.. or whatever you called it.. the taste must be out of the world!! Worth the effort, eh.. the wild boar is so blessed!!

  4. Wow Wow, i'm drooling look at your picture from beginning till last, salivate also, hehehe..I have just bought fresh cranberries and mustard. I need to find one weekend to make this, look really delicious and yummy! Thanks Elin for kind sharing with the detail steps. And hope you will win the Swee San's contest..

  5. Omigawd!!! This looks like heaven on earth...

  6. What a stunning roulade...it would be quite a show stopper on a holiday table! Wow!

  7. wow!! this is stunning!! such a delicious idea. Must really learn all these combinations ideas from you. Just to cut that piece of meat alone is already a big challenge for me! you conduct private cooking class or not?

  8. What a feast and delicious looking meat roll! I still have left-over cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. Would like to give this a try.

  9. Oh goodness me ! This looks absolutely fantastic !! Yum yum yum !! I'm imagining the taste now ... Oh me oh my. Lucky daddy

  10. Impressive and tasty looking!

  11. Wah, such an elaborate meal you prepared. I like the roulade a lot and I am sure they taste super good. I just bought a packet of the fresh cranberries and not sure what to do with it.

  12. Elin, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. All those wonderful flavors going on there...and the colors, and glaze! This would be a wonderful treat! Actually all the recipes you've posted today would be a treat! Yum!

  13. Elin, this looks exquisite! Love the cranberries loaded filling!

  14. Kathy...I will be spending the coming Christmas in KL where the kids are. Josh can't it home coz straight after Christmas he will be having his final exam for his final year. So I told him not to come back instead we go over to celebrate with them in KL :) so I prepared a pre christmas for WB and his fren :)

    Swee San...thanks for the invitation to join the contest :)

    Claire..yea you know the reason ma :)

    Sonia...heehee thanks...love the stuff in Pantry Magic but too expensive for my budget :)

    STP...heehee yea sinfully rich but yummy :)

    Lizzy...thanks :) Happy Hols to you :)

    Lena..yea you have to use the very sharp or the sushi knife :)

    Biren...cranberries are good for savoury dish like this :)

    Joanna...hahaha drooling leh :p

    Yummychunklet....yea it is tasty flavor and yummilicious :)

    Gertrude...haha we were having a pre christmas one first coz this year I will be in KL to be with the kids...josh cant make it home this year...exam will be on after christmas :)

    Lyndsey....hahaha hope you like all the recipes here :)

    Angie...me too, cranberries my favorite :)

  15. I love how you cut the pork loin! Super knife skills.
    Ah-ha, if you win those vouchers, then can straight away buy them when you go to KL, hehehehe.

  16. Wendy...haha I have been itching to try making roulade since the day I bought those fresh cranberries !!! And Swee San gave me the opportunity to make it before Christmas comes :)) haha I want to go Pantry Magic win or no win !!!! But if win can get 50% off LOL! shhhhh don't let Swee San hears this ! :p

  17. Oh, my gosh! What a fantastic menu! I wish I could have been there to try everything. I have never made a roulade before, but I am bookmarking this page to try it soon and also your stuffed portabello mushrooms.

  18. Hi Elin-This is a gorgeous dish to prepare for the holidays. The stuffing looks amazing:)xx

  19. Elaine...:) you must try making this...meat roulade with fillings is delicious. A bit of work though but worth your every effort :)

    Lora...yea, cranberries are best as fillings for meat roulade too besides cakes and muffins and sauce :)

  20. Whoa, a pre~X'mas trial dinner. haha... So, does it fit in the coming festive menu? Everyone definitely loving it. It looks really really grand & presentable as well.
    Enjoy & have a fabulous time.

  21. Thanks Kristy..same to you too. Have a great one:)


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