Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinner @ Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

Whenever we dine out at this restaurant, we will surely order this dish...Kok Thai's signature dish...sorry, I am a yellow banana and they give fancy name to the dish. Many times I had ordered this, I still can catch the name of this dish.....I have to describe the dish to the lady Captain.... " you know you have this dish with the roll meat cured in wine and served in slices with a layer of pickled jellyfish as base "  then the captain will nod her head and say..... " oh this dish is called .................. " till today I still cannot remember the name of this dish  "   LOL!  don't even ask the rest of the Piggies...they are worse than me when it comes to the Cantonese language.  We only know that we love this dish and I wish I could make this myself....then I can renamed it to a name I can remember easily :p  And we have to either go there early to eat or order this dish in advance. Once , we went there at 8pm and this dish was sold out !  This dish comes with this garlic, chilli and shallots in vinegar....beautiful sauce ! I don't think I can replicate this sauce....look simple but the taste is awesome ! I really dont know what vinegar they used...simply delicious with this awesome " rolled meat dish " :)   You can read on to see what we had for my birthday dinner :p   Birthday lunch at David's Diner , Greentown Business Center and a simple birthday dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant , Ipoh  :)   Thanks Wild Boar for a scrumptious birthday treats !!!!!  The Piggies and I were well fed on that special day :p   And you know what,  the apron was in the washing machine ! day for Momsie Elin ....she deserved the day off , sat back and rested her trotters LOL!

Love this dish ....the rolled meat was well flavored.   I think they most probably soaked the rolled meat in wine....I must try to replicate this dish.   I have seen the picture of rolled meat soaked in wine in some chinese magazine but becoz I am Mandarin illiterate , so did not purchase the magazine.....I hope some food blogger will put it up some day. Meanwhile , whe I crave for it..I will just eat at Kok Thai and describe this dish again with my famous line...." you know you have this dish......................................................................  " LOL! my Piggies laughed at me each time I goes like this..hand language and etc.....

love the skin......and the crunchy jellyfish....the sauce with sesame seeds
was a perfect sauce for the rolled meat :)

this is the birthday noodles ...a must for the chinese when celebrating birthday
the long noodles signify longevity :), 
stir fried with bbq meat and chicken breast strips...another one
of their signature dish !

steamed free range chicken with a special sauce......
cannot remember the name of this 
steamed chicken with a spicy sweet sauce......
I just nodded each time the captain describe the dish........LOL!  
I took the picture when we almost finished the dish.....

this is the veggie dish that Piggy Jo loves...
.four types of greens stir fried with
shrimps and spicy...
this dish in cantonese is  'Sei Tai Tin Wong ' 
something like that...* eye balls rolled up
hahaha I am not good in remembering dishes, 
I only know how to eat :p
consists of lady finger, egg plant, asparagus and french beans

this is my favorite fish dish...steamed Red Tilapia with
salted veggie ( ham choy) and tofu, tomato and chilli and sour plum
' Teochew Steamed Red Tilapia '

We had a yummy dinner, thanks to Wild Boar :)

*              *             *


  1. Oh that chicken.. I've seen it in some China food sites quite often.
    I'll try to see if I can replicate that for you yeah, but dunno when! LOL

  2. a cold dish? is that pork trotters??

  3. Yum, happy birthday! I would go for that noodles dish, slurp

  4. i had that in singapore recently. it's cold pork knuckle. so, i googled and this is what I got :

  5. I've tasted that porky dish before, can't remember when and where. Wow, a well deserved lunch and dinner for momsie Elin!

  6. Lena...I think so :) and Kay El has shared the link for this dish :)

    Trix...thanks :) yea that noodle dish is their signature dish :) yummy!

    Kathy...I love that too :)

    Kay El....thanks for the link...yessss now that I have the recipe, I shall try it out :)) Thank you so much :)

    Cheah....yea...a rest day for me...enjoyed the fellowship and had some quality time with the Piggies :) just lazing around with them :)


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