Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pan Fried Organic Pumpkin Tofu With Sour Plum Sauce

Each time I visit the organic shop, I will surely take home a few slabs of their organic tofu. There are two types , one is with seaweed and the other one is with  pumpkin.  I am sure whether the tofu is made from organic soy bean or the pumpkin is organic. I  assumed that both are organic since it is from the organic shop :)   Well, this is what I will cook for our dinner when I am rushing for if I have a cake to bake or bread to bake...dinner will be simple and this is one easy to prepare dish.  Seriously , this is delicious and appetizing at the same time.  Can store them in the freezer for a month.  Thaw them first before cutting them in slices.  If I know I have to do some baking that night, I will thaw this tofu on bottom shelf of fridge so that by the time I come back from work, it is ready for slicing :)

Pan fried them in shallow grapeseed oil on a non stick pan till crispy and brown on the outside . Before dishing up, drain off all the oil from the pan and pour in a few tablespoon of sour plum sauce and coat all the crispy tofu slices evenly. Throw in toasted white sesame seed and chopped chilli onto the sour plum coated tofu and served it hot.   I am not lying when I say it is delicious. Thumbs up for this simple pan fried tofu dish !  I know my Piggy Jo will love this as much as I do !  :)   

This pumpkin tofu is well flavored and seasoned so do not need to ask any salt to it
just add in sour plum sauce and chilli and sesame seed if desired :)
You can get this organic pumpkin  tofu from any organic shop in Ipoh 
@ 5 Ringgit Malaysia a slab

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  1. Oh interesting! Pumpkin tofu? I'll be sure to check it out next time when I go to the organic store next time. Love how you fry it all crispy, yums!

  2. Is the organic shop BMS next to Signature Kitchen ah?

  3. Beautifully fried tofu...Love the combination of flavours...pumpkin tofu sounds so interesting!

  4. elin, sounds like baking bread or cake is more important here...hehe..

  5. Bee Bee...hope you can get this organic tofu from your side :)

    Wendy...the shop name is Healthy Concept..the shop is located at the back row of Han City Restaurant...near Jusco. Anyway most of the organic shops are selling these organic tofu. I have been to a few and they have it :)

    Easyfoodsmith....yea it is and healthy too :)

    Lena...yea..baking cake and bread is my first love...Wild Boar comes second LOL! :PPP

  6. I wish I could get my hands on some of this!!

  7. Sounds delicious! I don't think I have seen pumpkin tofu but it sure sounds good.

  8. YUM! Going to make these soon, but I hope I can get sour plum sauce here. ;-)

  9. I think I know where, I've seen "healthy concept" before, I think

  10. Trix...try some organic shop in chinatown over at your place and see if you can get there:)

    Biren...just some pumpkin strips in the flavored tofu :)

    Piggy....I heard these organic pumpkin tofu originated from Taiwan :)

    Wendy....just behind Han city . same row with Toshiba..a few shops away :)


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