Thursday, January 24, 2008

Words to Warm a Mother's Heart

I had this wonderful gift from my two lovely piggies for my birthday , two years ago. It is a daily quotes and scriptures calendar titled " Words To Warm a Mother's Heart " which can be used again for the next year. I love every beautiful quotes and scriptures in it. Though it is already two years old , it is still very precious to me. I never fail to read the daily quotes every morning before I start work and it really gives me a lot of encouragement and inspiration .
Truly, it doesn't take a lot to warm a mother's heart - a whispered " thank you" , a hand full of dandelions, a phone call from a child far away but these hand-picked quotes and scriptures indeed do touches my heart and let me know that I am truly loved . Thank you so much for this gift. With a quote for everyday, these words will indeed warm my heart all year long.

Quote taken from " Words To Warm a Mother's Heart

Who takes a child by the hand takes a mother by the heart - Danish Proverb

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