Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Precious Treasure

I luv collecting recipe books.... any kind of recipe books will do. Haha, I luv cooking thus the passion for collecting recipe books can't be avoided. I have quite a lot of recipe books on my book shelf. Collected over the years since the day I got married.

Recently, I acquired a few cupcakes recipe books , my sibling from New Jersey bought some back for very delighted of course. Can't contained the joy any more so I have to blog abt it.

Envy me ? And one of the books titled 'Bake It ' , was last year christmas present from my piggy gal. Thanks darling for it. Haha... isn't it easy for anyone who wants to get me a present.... recipe books will do. * hinting all the way*

I have books by Amy Beh, Betty Saw, Kevin Chai,a set of books by Alex Goh and quite a collection from The Australian Woman's Weekly and now the lastest collection of cupcakes books. Heehee... gonna add some more to my collection..... coz I have eyed a few from MPH. Frankly , if I have my way , I would love to buy up all the recipe books from all the bookstores in the city. * sighing * Not that I am a good cook but I juz enjoy having them and adding them to my library.

These are the newly acquired books...... * grinning *

I am one momsie, who would want her kids to be able to cook and enjoy baking. I am thankful that my piggies have interest in baking and surprisingly can bake better than me. Especially my piggy gal...I believed that she will be good at baking one day. I have one advice for her though... " practice makes perfect " . When the baking comes out perfect , the JOY of achievement is indescribable.

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