Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Irresistible Temptation

This is the " irresistible temptation " I am talking about. (",)

Okay... I did say I will try the 'nga ku' chips next year BUT it was so hard to RESIST the temptation to try it this year coz every time at the supermart I see this nice and big juicy looking "nga ku "...and so unbelievable cheap too. So I bought 2 kgs yesterday , just to satisfy the desire to try out the chips. Surprisingly it turned out edible though not as good looking as the ready made ones . glad that I, for once did not resist the temptation. * tongue sticky out*. What I would have missed if I had not succumbed to this irresistible temptation.... I would not have known the joy of succeeding ,and now onwards can join the rest of the women in making 'nga ku' chips.

Hubby, piggy boy and myself finished one jar at one sitting.... it was so deliciously yummy and the natural sweetness enthralled us that we just can't stop eating. Surprisingly out of the 2 kgs of 'nga ku' I managed to get 3 full jars and 1/2 a jar of chips. The ready made ones cost RM14 per jar....actually it is the cost of labor for it is really hard work. As for me I can only say this. I enjoyed every minute of the long hrs of standing in front of the hot wok . It was worth my time and effort when the chips came out NICE. No amount of money can buy you that JOY and HAPPINESS when the chips turn light golden in the hot oil. I am still beaming thinking it.

Here are some pictures and tips for making nga ku chips. I am not a pro but am happy to share my experience with you.

Nga Ku Chips


2 kgs of nga ku
cooking oil for frying


Wash the nga ku clean and peel off the skin. Wash again and wipe dry the nga ku.

Heat up the wok and pour in the cooking oil enough to fry the fritters. Reduce fire to low.

Using a slicer, slice the nga ku thinly and put into the wok, slice by slice so that it wont stick together. Keep stirring them till it is light golden color. Lift them up quickly so as not to over fry the chips.

When it is cool, store them in air tight containers.


  • When choosing the nga ku, make sure the stem is still there. Make slicing them easier.
  • Make sure the nga ku does not have cracks at the bottom otherwise it won't look good after frying them.
  • The size of the nga ku is up to individual. Some like it big, some like it small. As for first timer it would be better to get the bigger ones so that it is easier to slice them.
  • Make sure the fire is low, or the chips will get burnt easily.
  • Lift them up when they are light golden in color or else it will have a burnt taste.


I hope you too will enjoy making this irresistable chips. Yummy delicious (",)

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  1. Hi,

    where can i get the slicer knife & how is it look like? can i use the normal knife? as for the ingredient can we get it frm the mkt vegetable stall?

    kindly advise.

    thank you in advance for your advise


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