Monday, January 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Haizz... I sometimes wonder, why do we chinese have to wait till year end of the chinese calendar , to do spring cleaning. To discard old things and replace with new things , and some even give their house a new coat of paint . One can see one's neighbour painting their gate a shocking yellow color and the smell of paint lingers even to the eve of CNY. All the fuss, just to usher in the lunar year. Heehee... as for me and my household ,we are great procrastinators. Frankly speaking, for me, I only look forward to the fantabulous dishes we will be cooking and feasting ,on the eve of the lunar year dinner a.k.a as " reunion dinner ". keek..keek ...Piggies all love to eat (",)

I took the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning. Starting with the kitchen, throwing away the old chopsticks and replacing them with new ones. Plates and soup bowls that has surface cracks has to be discarded and replaced. This will give me the opportunity to visit the crockery shop. Let me defer a bit. Talking about crockery shop....aih.... my paradise indeed. One can find lots of cooking and baking items there , exotic designed plates and soup bowls, and it is much cheaper than buying from the supermarkets....haha... I love the place because one can haggle for a lower price and that is important to momsie. (",)

Back to my spring cleaning episode.... managed to sort out the kitchen stuff and have a lot of expired stuff removed from the fridge. Wow... a lot of expired goodies thrown away * sigh* meaning money thrown away . I have not been baking for quite a while ,thus stuff bought for baking has become expired. Penny wise pound the saying goes.

In the midst of clearing and sorting out my store, I found this icing set given to me as a gift from my sibling from US. Haha, still in virgin state...... here is a picture of it....added some icing tips to the collection ,bought locally. I have not tried out these icing tips though. I am not just a procrastinator but also an impulsive shopper.

Thanks hubby for helping out in the spring cleaning of other rooms. Waiting for piggy gal to come back and help out in cleaning and clearing her own room. Heehee.. no way I am going to help move your stuffs. Books every nook and corner. Sorry babe. You have one month semester break.... gosh.. wishing I have a month off like you. No harm in wishing rite? (",) Lucky piggy gal .

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