Thursday, December 20, 2012

Steakhouse Pepper Salmon :)

Josh bought some seasoning rubs back for me and this is one of them. Steakhouse Pepper by Schwartz.  It has a nice is made up of pepper ,garlic , sea salt and chilli flakes .  Simple ingredients and yet it produces such a nice fragrant for my salmon steak :)  I just rub and caress my salmon with  them and pan fried them for just a few minutes on each side ( though the instructions clearly state that shake these seasonings on your steak before dishing up ) and yahoo...Wild Boar and myself had the most wonderful and satisfying meal of the day.   A simple meal like this makes me happy...less washing and a healthy meal for two :) 

Thank you , Josh , for this bottle of Steakhouse Pepper seasoning

love seeing the garlic, sea salts, garlic and pepper in the bottle
so colorful and smell so good

I served my salmon steak with need to cook
any veggie :p same time and energy..this dish is good 
for lazy people like from now onwards I am
going to stock more on rubs and marinades :)

so juicy and tender....mmmmm and not to forget healthy meal

Enjoy !

*           *          *


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