Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marché Restaurant @ The Curve

I took three days off to visit my Piggy Jo in KL for two purposes.  Firstly , of course , to the Big Bad Wolf Preview and secondly to shop for some Xmas pressies and  thirdly to have some bonding time with my baby and a dear friend , Shirley ( that includes having a gluttony eating time together ) OINK OINK not for nothing :p.   On my second day there, she took me to the Curve and IKEA , together with Shirley.  It is good to have a Piggy who loves to eat and we all landed in Marché .  Jo wanted to give us a treat and she insisted that I must try out the food here and before I entered the place, she told me that I would surely love the food there....haha, true enough, I wanted to try out every dishes they have there but our stomach is just not obedient.  Today , I just wanna be easy and share some photos on the inside of the restaurant and the great concept.  No Menu given....you just take your guest card and go ordering what you like !  Me love this wonderful set up and not to mention the good food they have there.  Read on to see the place...............

We found a nice cozy place and did some camwhoring before more people comes in for their lunch.   No photography allowed but if you are in the picture, then it is alright to take some for rememberance LOL! so you guess right...Piggy Jo was the scapegoat in this case....the rest are stolen snaps when the staffs are not looking... LOL!  Naughty momsie and Piggy Jo....a whole day of fun and mischief.  Lucky Wild Boar was not around or we won't have the opportunity to have a  mischievious Christmas adventure LOL!  Oh why he was not around with us ?  He had to babysit his four legged baby at home ! Woof Woof for him :)

we found a nice cozy place and did some camwhoring 
no photography allowed unless you are in the picture...LOL!

upon entering the restaurant, we were given two of this guest card
this guest card is for you to order your food....read the info 
after which keep this safe or you will have to foot out RM200 if you
loose it :(   Flip it over and you will see.........................

the different categories of food, namely Juice, Salad, Grill, Seafood
Pizza , Rosti , Vegetable, Pasta, Bakery and Beverage
After ordering your food, you go back to your table and wait
for the food to be ready and you have to go collect the food yourself, bring
along this card and after collecting your food, the staff will put a chop 
on your guest card ( that's your bill :p )..........
love their concept and I would love to try
out all when I am there the next time.   
The food there are fresh, healthy and fast !

love their free and reserved card............could not help taking a quick stolen snap on them  :)

you place your order and the chef will cook on the spot, 
you can either wait there or go back to your seat and 
wait for the food to be ready....for me it is snooping around...LOL!
Piggy Jo did the ordering for us....that is the beauty of having her 
around....she  knows best what Momsie likes :p

keek keek ...my sweet scapegoat scapepiggy more like it LOL!
I can't take a picture without her in it...hahahaha

stay tuned for the next post....the food we ate there :)

Have a nice day...............


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