Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Marché Restaurant @ The Curve - Part 2

A peek into what they had in Marché and what we ordered for our brunch :)  Piggy Jo was all smile when it comes to food :p  I told her not to over order for us. After placing her orders for pasta, pizza and  potato rosti with bacon, she took me around to see the whole place.....needless to say, I could not resist and stole a few shots for my blog :p   Their salad looks delicious and comes in three sizes, small, medium and large and their desserts looks so good.  I will definitely order their salad on my next trip there and to try out all their cakes and tarts, their crepes and their mouth-watering grill chicken....hopefully soon :)  and I must bring WB along too so that we can order more variety so that I can get to taste all :p  Me is such a glutton ! LOL!

Seriously, I can't wait to visit this restaurant again.  I will let my pictures tell the story.  After ordering our food, we realised that all the food we ordered were packed with carbo....hahaha thus we could not stuff in any more of those delectable desserts that we were supposed to have after our meals....but we did go for their creamy cream brulee  though ! Yummy good !

dessert corner.....drooling just thinking of them now :p

a close up shot ....slurp !

pizza...thin and crispy with tomato and special garlic oil

every bite is cheesy and has a nice garlicky this

Potato Rosti with bacon and sour cream...mmm
lovely !

pasta with thick cream...mushroom and chicken
this is Jo's favorite :)

love the creamy sauce....mmmmm 

our dessert...cream brulee.....yummy!

creamy texture and I could not resist taking a close up shot of the

and this pic shows a Piggy well fed and contended :))

Jo, thank you for the wonderful brunch and
I look forward to going there again !

*           *          *

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