Monday, December 17, 2012

Restaurant 52, Sememyih, Selangor

When I was down in KL for the BBWBS a week ago , Piggy Jo took me to this Restaurant in Sememyih  that served good restaurant food :)  It was Restaurant 52 in Kampung Baru , that we had our dinner.  Wow, so many dishes on their menu that sounds great and after looking through, the gluttony in us wanted to order all ;p  Everything sounds delicious.  After some 20 minutes and upon Jo's recommendation, we ordered their signature Claypot Tofu ,  Yam Ring With Kung Po Lai Liew Har ( darn good )  their signature Curry Fish Head and Butter Squid Rings......... and all these for 3 persons.  Needless to say, we ate till we can't move and now I am drooling just thinking of it and looking back at the photos which I took :)   Read on to see the dishes at close up.....:)  You can drool all you like won't be summon for that action :)

Yam Ring With "  Kung Po Lai Liew Har " ( crayfish )
this is so good ....

Buttered Squid Rings.....another delicious dish to order

Curry Fish Head with lots of tofu puff

this is their signature tofu dish...
Claypot tofu ...their homemade tofu...soft and smooth
I love it !

the bill came to RM72 with rice and drinks.

Restoran 52,
52, Jalan Sungai Lalang,
Sememyih 52, Jalan 1, Jalan Sungai Lalang,
Kampung Baru, Sememyih
43500, Sememyih, Selangor.

Tel: 03-87238733
close on Mondays

*           *           *


  1. I am salivating just looking at all the dishes. The butter squid ring is killing me!! We used to go to semenyih for dinner often as it is nearest town to Kajang.

  2. Gert...yea very nice to your bro's house in Kajang :) When you are back , we can meet up in Kajang then :) and have dinner there :p


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