Friday, November 26, 2010

Stir Fry Wild Fern Shoots With Shrimp Paste

Wild Fern Shoots or what the malays called them Pucuk Paku Pakis were eaten only by the malays , I remembered my Mom told me that the chinese doesn't know how to eat them  during her time :)  But now it has become a delicacy veggie dish among the chinese and even some restaurants are having them as one of the dishes served. Normally served as Stir Fry Wild Fern Shoots With Shrimp Paste, a simple stir fry but  appetizing at the same time.

You can add in the stems if they are young and stir fry them with garlic, chilli paste, shrimp paste and dried shrimps or fresh shrimps. My malay colleagues love them in salad -  Kerabu Paku Pakis is also another appetizing dish for me :)  No matter how you cook them , they will still turn out great. A lovely veggie dish to whet my appetite :p I can have just this dish with piping hot steamed rice !

I was surprised that Piggy gal loves this dish too and asked me to fry this again for her this weekend :) I don't mind cooking this again for it is truly easy cooking. It is flavorful with the shrimp paste and dried shrimps and every Malaysian would love eating this dish :)

Stir Fry Wild Fern Shoots With Shrimp Paste


500gms of wild fern shoots - washed ,cleaned and cut into 1.5 inch lengths
take only the young shoots
3 tbsp of dried shrimps -soaked and drained dry
5 pips of garlic - crushed and chopped
1 tbsp of chilli paste
1/2 thumb size shrimp paste

3 tbsp grapeseed oil


Heat up the grapeseed oil in wok under medium high heat. Add in  ingredients  (A) and saute till fragrant. Add in the cut wild fern shoots and stir fry till cooked and fragrant. Off the heat and dish up. Serve hot with steamed rice.

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  1. I love fern shoots and this dish is indeed very appetizing.

  2. wow simple one...

  3. long time never took this.. one of my favourites.. good fibre..

  4. Ah!!! Paku! Love it! Btw, you do not cut the stem/stalk into halves or quarters? We usually do that so easier to eat - no need to chew so much or not so hard to chew!

  5. P.S.:
    I posted on this here
    and you can see my stalks/stems are thinner/smaller. Quite tedious trying to slit them - that's why I prefer to cook midin, another kind of wild fern that we have here - not so much work to prepare.

  6. lol...STP baru posted this the other day

    wa...both of your cookings really makes me drool

  7. BellyGoodCooking....thanks for dropping by..yup very appetizing indeed:)

    Jan...thanks for dropping by. Will hop over to see yours :)

    Claire...yup fibre rich too :)

    Arthur...yup, I read yours and inspired by you when I saw those sold at Jusco, I have to buy them and cook them like the way you cook them. The shoots were very young so no need to split them into half. Crunchy and so very nice :) I know there are many types of fern shoot and this type is very nice...don't know the name :p know how to eat only :) must cook this...very crunchy and mmmmmm the belacan scent is great with the dried shrimps.....I can see you salivating already :p

  8. Mmmm...I miss this of my favourites while I was home. We used to have lots of them in our backyard. They just grow wildly. So we eat them very often.

  9. I like having this fern shoots too! Especially masak lemak. yumm... Hope you're having a lovely evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. I never seen this before. Looks good and healthy.

  11. Yum, Elin, these look delicious! I've never heard of a fern shoot before, I wonder if they are available here in the states. Will have to keep my eyes out for them!

  12. Interesting! Never heard of fern shoots before! I bet the shrimp sauce is tongue-tantalising!

  13. Why surprised? This looks so delicious, and I would be very surprised if they didn't enjoy it!

  14. Yes, one of my fav wild greens. Hard to find in Chinese restaurants though, aside from places like Gerik, Sungkai or lawan Kuda.

  15. I've never seen fern shoots, but these look delicious. Your photos are always amazing. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. I never try it before, it's such a healthy dish.

  17. Mary Moh....haha yup ,you must have this when you come back for your holidays :) I know how much you will miss having this :p How nice to have them growing in my garden :) then I get to cook them everyday !

    Kristy...yup, it taste good in coconut milk but I am trying to cut down on coconut milk :p thanks for the idea. Shall cook them in lemak one day :)

    Anncoo...oh, are you sure they don't sell them in Singapore ? Nevermind if you go Johor can buy them from there :)

    Roxan...hope you can find there over at your place :) Asian store may have them :)

    PL....yes shrimp paste is great for this dish :)

    Angie....surprised because it is the first time for her so not sure whether she likes the veggie or not :) but my cooking surpassed all :p :p

    James..hahaha I know you will love this...when are we going to meet up ? before you leave for Klang?

    Mary....thanks...hahaha I am learning from have such a great blog and your bakes are so very good :)

    Little must try it...very nice :)


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