Monday, November 29, 2010

Stir Fry Homemade Silky Egg Tofu With Veggie

Being able to make my own egg tofu is a sheer joy that money cannot buy and something I am proud to present to my family and friends. Eventhough I have make this many times, but each times it still brings joy and happiness to me...something I cannot describe to you in words :)

 It is  much healthier without the preservative in them.  I made the egg tofu in the early morning ( 6.00am) and managed to cook this dish in 30 minutes . After which I have to leave for work at 7.30 am . It takes only 13 minutes to make the egg tofu.  A very simple to make egg tofu that I am sure all of you will be delighted to learn or most of you already knows how to make your own egg tofu :)))  Read on to learn how to make your own healthy tofu for your family :)  You must be wondering why I cooked this so early in the morning and on a working day too....I prepared this for a very dear and close friend of the family , Miss M . Hope she loves this dish for her lunch and hoping she will request for more :p  I love to make people happy with the food I cook. There is a saying -  " if you put love into something you do, it will turn out great " and for this egg tofu...I have put in lots of love :)))

All you need is 500 ml of unsweentened soymilk ( I bought my soymilk from the famous soy milk shop" Funny Mountains ' the unsweetened one ' which costs me RM4.50 for a big bottle . Half I used it for making egg tofu and the other half for making dessert - Soy Milk Custard :)  and with only 5 or 6 grade A eggs you can have your own homemade tofu !

I used 5 eggs only for I wanted a more silkier and smoother tofu. And the trick to make it smoother is to sieve the egg & soy milk mixture before steaming. And remember to steam it for only 13 minutes under medium low heat.  The cling wrap is to make it easier to take out the tofu after steaming. I steamed them in rice bowls lined with cling wrap . The bottom layer is for easy removal after steaming and the top layer is to prevent droplets of water into the tofu while steaming.

The veggies I used are carrots, sweet peas, sweet baby corns and oyster mushrooms. I stir fry the veggies till cooked and added in oyster sauce seasoning and thickening  as  gravy for this tofu dish. Simple and delicious homemade egg tofu with veggies delights.... a dish my Piggies love .  Egg tofu is versatile. You can deep fried them and dip with chilli sauce or you can have them plain with just garlic oil as topping or cook them the way I did  :)

look how silky these tofu are :) I love them muchie :)
 espeically if they are homemade ...beautiful


I love to stock up soy milk in the fridge so that at any time I can have tofu or soy milk custard for dessert :)

Stir Fry Homemade Silky Egg Tofu With Veggie 



500 ml fresh unsweetened soy milk
6 Grade A eggs - lightly beaten
1/2 tsp chicken stock powder
1/2 tsp salt


Line a rectangular steel tray with cling wrap. Pour soy milk into a large bowl, add eggs , chicken stock powder and salt. Mix well with a fork and strain into the steel tray to come up the sides about 3 cm.

Cover the tray with cling wrap to prevent water droplets dripping on to the tofu while steaming.

Steam over medium heat for 12 minutes. Leave to cool, then slice the tofu into pieces. The tofu can be kept in the fridge covered , for 2 days.

Note: You can deep fried it and served with dippings or deep fried and stewed it with a sauce.

Sauce recipe for the veggie delights :

200ml superior chicken stock
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
a pinch of sea salt
1 tbsp of corn flour, mixed with a little water

amount to your liking
sweet peas
sweet baby corns
fresh oyster mushrooms
carrots- cut int flower shaped

5 pips of garlic - chopped fine
2 tbsp of grapeseed oil


Heat a wok over medium heat;  saute the garlic till fragrant. Add in the carrot, sweet corn and stir fry till cooked, add in the sweet peas and mushrooms and continue to stir fry for a minute, add in the superior chicken stock, oyster sauce and soy sauce. Add in corn flour mixture, bring to a boil and remove from heat.

Pour over the steamed tofu and serve.

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  1. this looks really good! and healthy too.

  2. This is a wonderful post! Never thought making tofu could be so easy and quick. I suppose I could use this as a base for chawan mushi?

  3. hey, Looks good, Elin.. no wonder your skin so nice one.. and mine isnt.. so any remedy?

  4. I didn't know we can actually make tofu at home. The tofu looks so smooth! Thanks for sharing! Love to try it out.

  5. I have never tried egg tofu at home before. It sounds really healthy and delicious. I'm bookmarking this recipe :)

  6. waa....syok...home made taufu. Hard to make right?

  7. Elin, you sangat rajin, woke up at 6am to prepare this dish huh, and amazing the simple steps to prepare homemade egg tofu, i must get some fresh tofu from the store that I usually buy tofu and make this egg tofu, Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, momsie at it again! Mmmm homemade tofu. Bookmarked already!
    Your dear friend is very lucky to have you as her friend too! Green with envy!

  9. Another great work from mommies! Wake up so early to make egg tofu, lol! ;D Looks really soft and silky. BTW Elin, you should try to make your own soy milk, it's actually quiet easy...check out Wendy's post. But won't want you to wake up any earlier then 6am!! ;D

  10. Didn't know that it is so easy to prepare egg tofu and you cook them with a lot of veggies, so healthy and yum...

  11. homemade silky tofu with lots of love!! i like that..this is really smooth..can just slurp that right away.

  12. Oh Elin, I must try making this too! Looks so very tempting. I'm sure my girl & my hubby will love it. Hopefully, I get to meet that soy milk seller tomorrow morning and get some fresh soy milk from him. Thanks & have a nice evening.
    Cheers, KRisty

  13. Thanks for reminding Elin :) I've not made egg tofu for a long time. Love the way you prepare this silky smotth egg tofu and it is very healthy too with veggie in it.

  14. I can definitely see that a lot of love when into this!


  15. Ooo Elin, this sounds so good, especially with the weather cooling down like this!

  16. Hi there, we are friends on Foodbuzz but we haven't interacted much yet on our blogs so I wanted to stop by and say hello. I have never made my own tofu, either! This looks really good! :)

  17. 愛 - ちゃん ....tofu is healthy food whatmore homemade ones :)

    Ping....thanks ...yess you may..lesser by one egg will make it wobbly and silky smooth :)

    Claire...hahaha I will have to give you a treat then :p is easy to make....just don't over steamed it :) try this method of making is simple and it is good for health too :) is easy...just follow the steps and you will never go wrong. Good for Joshua to have more homecooked food :) choice..I want the tofu to be fresh so have to steam it early morning :) This friend is an elderly person so better to cook it on the day itself :))

    Cheah....hahaha nothing to envy, you good cook, my friend is not and I always believe in giving than receiving :) I find it a pleasure to give and share my stuff...that's me :)

    Bee Bee...haha yesss I want to make my own soymilk. Have to get a good blender for it :) Time to get a good one too * wink haha wild boar will think I am hinting for a pressie :p

  18. Elin,

    Fantastic job with this tofu. One can tell that you put some serious love into it.

    I have yet to try my hand at making my own tofu. Thanks for providing an inspiration and tutorial for me to try.

  19. Treat & Trick is easy to make egg sweat and it is delicious to cook them with veggies...healthy food :)

    Lena....yup, make them for your family...they sure love it :) If you are too lazy to make your them from Funny Mountain...their soymilk is thick and the unsweetened a sealed bottle. It has a natural soymilk taste but if you can make your own better still :) are welcome and tell me how did it turn out :) You too have a great day !

    Anncoo....:) you are welcome !

    Emily Malloy....good to see you here :) yup, lots of love in that tofu :p have to get up early to make those wonderful silky tofu :))

    Roxan....hahaha yup great for the cool weather especially eat it hot :)

    Emily Z....hi, now we can start interacting with one another :p thanks for dropping by and I love your blog too. Will be visiting it more often and looking forward to more recipe sharing with you :)

  20. Lazaro...great to see you here :))) you must try making them yourself and I know you will love it :)

  21. Elin, I love this recipe! Thanks for posting and I will give it a try VERY soon! ;-)

  22. Hi
    Just wondering if you had a post on how to make Soybean milk


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