Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nothing Beats Having Steamboat/Hotpot At Home :)

Really, nothing beats having steamboat at home ! Daddy is the first to vouch for it :)  Eat in comfort and can have our favourite meatballs, fishballs, seafood and veggies for home steamboat or hotpot.  Daddy will normally purchase those beef meatballs and stuffed tofu and bitter gourd from the famous shop in Ipoh. And I will sneak in my salmon fillets and mussels and lots of enoki and veggies  :p 

Actually Jo missed home prepared steamboat and she being a slow eater, she prefers to eat in rather than paying for buffet steamboat and not having our favourite beef balls , thus I am going to share with you what we had for our home prepared steamboat for the 3 of us :))) and of course, the wicked Momsie will not let Josh off so easily....I want him to see what he missed for not coming back  !  Let him drool and salivates for those beefballs and stuffed bitter gourd are his favourites :p
Below are some of the stuff we had for our steamboat.  Chinese cabbage, spinach , enoki, sweet corn , meatballs - beef balls with tendons , salmon fillets, dory fillets, NZ mussels , stuffed bitter gourd and tofu  and eggs . We had two type of soup is the beef soup and the other is tom yom soup :)  And of course, I made a bowl of garlic oil...gosh without this, the steamboat would not taste great but with this...mmmmmm you can hear the Piggies oinking away the whole time at the table !

This is my favourite...salmon fillets in hot boiling soup with lots of fried crunchy garlic bits.......this was so good that I almost finished the whole plate of salmon fillets :)  I just pour some of the hot boiling steamboat soup into the raw salmon and I get the most perfect texture ever ! Needless to say, we had the most enjoyable time feeding our stomach to the brim and of course we missed the other Piggy who was up to his neck with assignments. Nevermind, will make up to him when he comes home for Xmas * wink, so , for the time being he can just drool and salivate here  :p


Have a great day !

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  1. yummy steamboat. Hmm....last christmas we had steamboat at home too

  2. Ohh My God you make me want to do a steamboat at home too!!!! Everything looks soooo yummy. I love love steamboat. its so fun and for once everyone cooks their own meal! ;)

  3. This is probably the idea season for steamboat. The best part is making everything at home and eat at home with your family :)

  4. that my daughter's back, I must plan to have one at home too. Yum! Yum!

  5. Looks so neat and yummy.. i guess my kids dont want me to do anymore steamboat..they said no taste one... hahahaa...

  6. Totally agree! The last I made this at home was a couple of months back. It's time to prepare another one at home. :)

  7. steamboat is my kids and I's favourite but except my husband who said steamboat only makan fish balls, remind me i have so long did not prepare steamboat at home,,must prepare one soon.

  8. yup, agree with your title. did u make the yong tou fu stuffings yourself too ?

  9. Can I come over and join you for dinner? I wish I can do this too especially in this cold weather but it is difficult to just prepare it for the 2 of us moreover Carlos is not a fan of steamboat. He said he can't understand why we like to boil our food ha ha..

  10. I also love hot pot at home! My mom used to make it a lot. When I move into a bigger place, I am totally planning on getting one of those electric hot pot thingies :)

  11. Kathy....steamboat at home taste better with the best choice of meatballs and we can have whatever we versatile and safe work slogging over the stove and sink :p should, it brings your family closer and like you say, evryone cooks their own day for us too ! :))

    Tes...yes it is best to have it at home..more comfortable :)

    Arthur.....oh you must since Melissa is back now :)

    Claire...haha then you must learn from tuition where to get good stuff for your steamboat and how to make the soup base :p

  12. Your family is so pampered by you. Too bad, Josh couldn't make it home to enjoy all the good food.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Hope to see you again!

  13. Little is nice to have steamboat even if it is for two person. I do that we just Daddy and myself...too lazy to think what to cook so we just have a simple steamboat and a drink after courting time la :p

    Sonia...I am sure your hubby and kids will love it :)
    now school holiday would be the best time to have steamboat with just the family :)

    Swee San...haha nope..all the stuffed tofu and bitter gourd are stall bought ones :)

    Gertrude...hahaha of course...haih this is when I wish you were just next door ! I also wish I could buy a house next door to you, I would love to grow old there :)

    You must teach him to is nice to have steamboat especially now the weather is cold over there. Tell him it is romantic to have steamboat just for two LOL! and have a red/white wine....whoa I can imagine how nice it would be :)

  14. Roxan.....yup, I love it when there is lots of veggies and fresh mushrooms like enoki and also tofu....whoa I want somemore of this hotpot/steamboat just thinking of it :)

  15. I love having steamboat at home too! So relaxing. Can put your leg up on the chair too. haha.... What a feast! Have fun & Happy thanksgiving to you & your family.
    Blessings, Kristy


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