Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scad ( Ikan Selar ) In Papilotte

Back to home cooking again after eating out the last few days....Piggy gal missed Ipoh food ,we took her to some of her favourite haunts for dinners thus for the absence of homecooked food posts :)  She has been drooling on my past posts on  'fish on papilotte' and has been salivating over them so I decided to make this for her. She likes fishes of any kind as long as they are fresh. Scad is one of her favourites. This recipe is from the Flavour Magazine ( past issue ) . I love fish cooked in papilotte...it helps seal in the flavors and keep the the fish moist and juicy......mmmm delicious !
Bought two fresh Scads ( Ikan Selar ) and baked them in papilotte with leeks and carrots. A simple and nutritious dish. Just sprinkle some pepper and sea salt on the julienne leeks and carrots and the scads...put them in papilotte and baked for 8 -10 minutes in a preheated oven ( 180 º C ) . If you want something easy and yet delicious and not to forget less washing ....I would recommend this...no washing needed except the baking sheet :p  Sea salt is the magical ingredient here...it brings out the sweetness of the veggies and the fish. The fresh oregano is to enhanced the flavor and the lemon removes the fishy scent of the fish.  A beautiful fish dish to serve your guests and family members. 

fresh scads from Pangkor Island

julienned leeks ,carrots,lemon slices and homegrown organic fresh oregano

lay the julienned leeks and carrots on greaseproof paper
big enough to fold  over and
sprinkle sea salt and pepper on them

place the scads on top of the julienned veggies
sprinkle sea salt and pepper on the scads,
drizzle olive oil on the scads

place lemon slices on top of the scads and lay the fresh oregano
on them for extra flavor

Fold the other side of the greaseproof paper over the scads and 
use bambo skewer to seal all edges.
Place them on baking sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes
on a preheated oven at 180º C

beautiful and aromatic baked scads in papilotte. 
A healthy way of cooking fish :)

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  1. This looks so healthy and delicious. I can imagine how moist it is. Wonder if I can do the same with the siakap/barramundi in my freezer? Probably need a huge piece of paper! Gonna try it!

  2. Wow! they looked good. I'll have to try them someday when my mother couldn't decide what's for dinner :)

  3. Yum...try using banana leaf or pandan. I'm sure it will be nice too.

  4. *blushing* i always confuse selar and kembung :P

  5. Elin, you are such a considerate and loving mom. The fish looks so good!

  6. Yum! I bet the whole house smelled so good!

  7. Elin, you're really a great mom and I am sure piggy gal enjoyed this dish a lot.

  8. how healthy and delicious, I have cooked before with banana leaves and really loved the flvaor, thanks for sharing


  9. I've always wanted to try this method! So simple and sounds amazing!

  10. wow...that must be very nice! I am so hungry now. :(

  11. Wow, the fish looks so appealing and easy to cook too, non-greasy!
    Will definitely try this out! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have not tried this method yet, must try soon. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ping...yess,any fish will do... siakap and barramundi fillets would be great :)

    愛 - ちゃん ....this is good for people who loves something simple, healthy and no fuss :) and I am one of them :p

    Arthur....thanks for the idea. Will try it out the next time I get hold of some banana leaves :) I know it will definitely taste good especially with the fish in curry powder ...mmmmm I am salivating just thinking of it :)

    Kathy....life is a learning process :) everyday we learn something new. One day you will be able to tell the name of all the fishes in the market.

    Angie...all momsies are the same :) yess...the fish tasted good especially when they are fresh. I normally steam them plain so that I get the natural taste of the fish.

    Emily....yes :) I love cooking fish in papilotte :)

    Anncoo...nay..all momsies are the same :) She loves to eat fish steam plain provided the fish is fresh :)

    Sweetlife...I will definitely try baking it with banana leaves the next time :)

    Ann....cooking it this way is much healthier and yummy too especially if the fish is fresh :) You must try cooking fish this way.

    Gabriel....hahaha yup especially you don't get to eat fish cooked this way in the restaurant :p

    Cheah & Sonia...yes do try cooking fish this way especially if your fish is fresh :)

  14. I love such dish - simple, yummy and I'm sure that you didn't have to spend too much time washing the dishes. ;-)

  15. Hi Piggy....yesss....not much washing :p


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