Monday, November 22, 2010

Oyster King @ The Gardens

Jo was very hungry by the time we finished our tasks  and asked to have our  'high-tea'  at Oyster King @ The Gardens  . Jo and myself were in KL last Monday to collect some documents from her college . We were there on a day trip and we have 3 hours left before we took the 6pm train back to Ipoh  so we took the KTM train to Mid Valley from Sentral   Piggy Jo introduced me to this Oyster King in The Gardens food court which serve large , succulent fresh oysters....OMG...I love their baked garlic oysters and their Malacca Style  Fried Oyster Clams / 'Or Chien ' . I leave it to your the hungry Piggies tucked in these mouth-watering fresh oysters cooked in different photos here will surely make you salivate and  have you run to Oyster King for a taste of their succulent fresh oyster baked with garlic oil :p
3 pieces for was worth every cents we paid for these delicious garlic flavoured baked fresh oysters.  We also ordered 2 sets of value meals - oyster noodles that comes with a cup of green tea and a plate of yam cake,  Malacca style fried oyster clams /' or chien ' comes with white radish cake and a cup of chrysanthenun tea.  Below are the baked fresh oysters in garlic oil...these are the most beautiful baked oysters I have tasted so far...they were so fresh and flavorful ...I will definitely go there again for these to-die for fresh oysters :))  lovely !  These photos were taken to make my wild boar drool and salivate for not following us to KL :p   ( Sorry , I can't help it...the wicked-ness re-surfaced again... :p )

mmmmmm....yummy !

I want more.........

the Malacca style fried oyster clams/ ' Or Chien'  is a must is well fried and has the ' wok hei '

look how big and succulent those oysters were !!

this is Jo's Oyster noodles...this is just passable
I prefers the Malacca style fried oyster clams

Jo's favourite dessert glutinous rice cake with lots of fried shallots and 
some special chillie sauce..this is good

these are yam cakes....their special chilli sauce was a perfect match for
the yam cake

hahaha I didn't mean to make my readers salivate.....
the victim is my wild boar who did not want to
travel up to KL with much he missed....
more to come .....we adjourned to 
Sushi -Zen after resting our stomach for an hour...
stay tuned for some Japanese sushi we had

*         *         *


  1. Baked? Nice or not? So far I only like them or chian. Tried eating them raw...and ending up throwing up everything! LOL!!!

  2. baked ok...but not raw for me too.. i lau sai one.. hahaa... u and your oysters.. lots of zinc u consumed there...

  3. Those oysters are cheap. My other half will love them, cholesterol aside!

  4. *pengsan* this shop ah? no thankiu. had a very bad experience there. Vomitted and lausai after eating there

  5. Yum! Don't mind having a plate of "or chien" right now.

  6. Arthur....not many people can eat them raw :) I love them raw with a dash of tabasco and lemon juice...mmm heavenly ! Baked them lightly with garlic oil is good too.

    Little is yummy and I want more :p

    Claire...zinc is good for my hair :p want it to be healthy silver :))

    Cheah...yup it is so cheap that Jo and I wallop lots of them :) yup don't think of cholesterol when we are out of Ipoh. Can't find these in Ipoh :))

    Kathy....I feel sorry for is just that maybe your stomach can't take in the raw oyster :p We were lucky..nothing happens to us !

    Angie Tee....yeah...that baked oyster was good and cheap too and their 'or chien ' got the wok hei fragrant :)

  7. wow, their oyster dishes sound so delicious, Thanks for this good recommendation,must try one day.

  8. Those fried oysters are just like what we have in Thailand. I really miss it :) So yummy!

  9. The oysters look so big and juicy! Bookmarking this place!

  10. The steamed oysters look so darn succulent and good!

  11. Sonia....I love it but I am not sure whether you will like it for I can't find good ' or chien ' and fresh oysters in for me this is GOOD! :)) You must go try their baked fresh oyster with garlic oil, it is good !

    Tes...yesss something like those in Thailand :)

    Ann...Welcome Home...yup you must try the baked ones....mmmm with those garlic fragrant...big ,succulent and juicy!

    Angie...yessss...if not for those artery clogging factor , I would have a dozen or more of them...ohhhh talking of them makes me salivate again :p


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