Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome Home Piggy Jo !!!

My Piggy Jo is back !  I am glad that she has finally graduated with a 1st Class Honours in Materials & Manufacturing Engineering  :)  Daddy had a business appointment at Parkroyal , so only Josh and myself took the KLIA Express to the airport to welcome her back and you can guess how much we all miss her and now I can have 3 months with her before she continues her studies pursuing her PhD  :)  Welcome home Piggy gal :)

We celebrated her graduation in Jogoya, Starhill, KL and shall post up the food we had in my next post :)
For is about the welcoming home for Jo :)

We had a bit of fun at KLIA first before checking in at the hotel ...camwhoring and lots of oinking away....whoaa... the airport must have sounded like a pig sty then ...especially when the Piggies gather together and not having seen each other for the past 6 months  :p haha I will let you imagine the scenario..she has lots to tell  :p  The pictures below were taken by yours truly and looking at them through the lens has made me realised that my Piggies have grown older  and of course yours truly too  LOL !

Momsie Elin & Piggy Jo

18 hours with a 3 hours transit in Dubai and she is still energetic :)

so much to oink about....


so happy to see each other again


whoa...interesting story by the look on Joshua face :)

wa....see how happy she is to be back home again :)

Josh and myself were camwhoring in the KLIA Express 
to kill the 30 minutes ride to KLIA :p      

stay tuned for the next post on our celebration at Joyoga , Starhill KL   :)

Congratulations Piggy Jo for having completed your education this far
and wishing you all the best on your coming PhD :)



  1. Congrats to Jo! Elin, I can see how happy you are. :)

  2. Congratulations, Jo!! 1st Class Hons! fast! *pulls hair out!* My girl still has a year to go in NZ and another in SP (Kedah)...but she'll be home for the long hols. Can't wait....I'll be very happy too... LOL!!!

    Elin, don't you think the girl has grown thinner. kesian! Off to the kitchen you go...time for some fattening up! Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. Yup, I can see that the momsie is grinning from ear to ear! Congrats to your babe!

  4. is she keen to work in KL or she wants to work in Ipoh like Carsem/ Unisem? I hv a lot of contacts in KL if interested. More towards Semicon.

    Congrats once again. I am sure u r one happy proud mama!

  5. Eh... Jo looks thinner... Auntie Elin, faster feed her kao kao!

  6. so fast? I thought Jo just went there...Jooooooo coming for Big Bad Wolf Sale or not?

  7. Congratulations Jo!!! Elin, I can see that you are very happy. Smile until can't see your eyes :)

  8. Wow! Congrats to both Jo and proud momise! 1st Class Honors, how cool is that. And going further to PHD somemore...really a good piggy, sorry I ment girl, lol! So happy for you all! Hip hip hooray!

  9. Congrats and well done! Is she doing her Phd in the UK?

  10. Congrats Jo! It must be lovely and so exciting for you to have her back at home. And so proud.

  11. Elin, this is wonderful! Congrats to Jo! She's such a smart girl :-)

  12. congrats to Jo! Don't forget to pat yourself too, Elin. A wonderful momsie with a wonderful girl. : ) I can feel your happiness.

  13. Welcome back Jo and congrats. 1st class hons... well done!

  14. Congratulations!! A happy momsie you must be :)

  15. Congrats, Elin, on your daughter's achievement with 1st class!!! You must be the happiest mom :D It's sure time for lots of cooking and celebration! Thanks very much for dropping by while I was away. Hope you have a great day.

  16. Congrats Jo !! Guess no words can explain how you feel now. Happiness and elated! Enjoy the great home-gathering 'tuan yuan' :)

  17. Thank you for all your congrats and sharing with me the happiness I am feeling right now.

    Little Inbox...thanks for the congrats and haha yes I am :)

    Arthur...thanks..your turn will come...Melissa will be out in no time and I can share your joy too :) Yes..will feed her till she turned into a pumpkin :p

    Cheah...haha you have gone thru all these I guess so you can understand the joy I am experiencing now :)

    Sonia...thanks...:) I am elated!

    Little Lamb....thank you so much for your offer but at the moment she intends to further her studies :) Will let you know if she change her mind :)

    Cleffairy....hahah ya I will feed her till she turns into a pumpkin :)

    Kathy...hahaha..hers is a summer top up programme..she did all the four years here and then finish the last 5 months in UK :) A very intensive course and yet she sails thru with great results :) She might be going for the Big Bad Wolf...will let you know when she is going for the BBW.. I will be there too...looking for recipe books :p

  18. Gertrude...thank you so much..really meh can't see my eyes :p I am happy she managed to survive and came up victorious despite such an intensive course :)

    Bee Bee...thanks ... yeah she is hard working and I am the happy momsie for now :)

    Ann...thank you...she has applied a few universities...Monash and waiting for their replies.

    Roxan....thanks and yess it was great to have her back with me eventhough it will only be for a few months :)

    Angie Tee...thanks :)

    Ann (Vancouver)...thanks...she is hard working though , I didn't do much except cook for her :)

    Angie ...thanks :)

    Natasya....thank you :)

    Swee San....hahaha thanks ..yes I am :) are welcome and thank you . Yes..I will be cooking and fattening her up :)

    Weng...thank you :) yes..we had a wonderful family get together at Jogoya :)

  19. Congratulations on your brilliant and beautiful daughter.

  20. Spicie Foodie.....thank you for your kind words :)


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