Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steamed Mud Crab With Roe In Chinese Wine

Went to the wet market yesterday ( public holiday ) to grab some beef for my two  ' four-legged children ' and on the way passing through many stalls, this lady selling mud crabs called out to me and managed to convince me to buy back a kilo of mud crab ( with roe type )  - ' koe hai ' ( in cantonese ) at a whooping price of RM27 per kilo.  Needless to say, my mind was already trying to figure out how to cook them .  Steam them or cook them in sweet sour sauce..........

and finally after discussing with Piggy Jo ( she has not eaten this for the last 6 months..poor Piggy :p ), we decided to plain steamed them with chinese wine. Simple and yet delicious with the natural sweetness of the fresh mud crab and those sinfully arteries clogging orangey red roe in them....awwwwww it so simply I wish I was physically younger ( even though I celebrate my 25 th birthday every year ) then I can eat them freely not having to think I am actually stuffing myself to death :p

Anyway, Piggy Jo enjoyed them all and needless to say,  Daddy , the wild boar  enjoyed the roe much . Who wouldn't ...with the flavorful gravy of chinese wine and crab juice :p  I get to eat just one crab...limiting myself so that I can get to savor them more often :)  It was a right choice to just steamed them with chinese wine for the freshness of the crab was simply great . I added spring onions to it for extra flavor.  You can see how tasty homecooked crabs are and we can eat in comfort using our hands without having to worry about washing our hands in public restroom after the food. Nothing beats homecooking where this dish is concern. Cheaper , tastier and can eat in comfort....:p   Agree with me ???  Below are some saliva teasing photos for you to exercise your salivary glands :p :p

these fresh crabs are rich with roes...

add in spring onions for extra flavor, salt and 
only add in the chinese wine 5 minutes 
before it is ready to be taken out from the steamer

served it steaming hot...awww
the beautiful scent of spring onions
and chinese wine....gosh , salivating just thinking of it :p

this arteries clogging roe is to die for :)  
I wish I can have this every day :p

and this is my share  - one only ! :(

closer look...Mmmmm delicious !!!
and I want more..why not these roe have cholesterol
 reducing factor in them...makes life more enjoyable :(


this is a must have mind boggling
dip sauce for the steamed crab...

Steamed Mud Crab With Roe In Chinese Wine

Ingredients :-

1 kilo of mud crabs with roe
spring onions - cut into 2 inch length ( amount to individual taste )
1/4 cup chinese wine
sea salt to taste


Clean the crabs and open the shells . Remove the gills and sac . Season with sea salt . Arrange the crabs on a pyrex dish with the spring onions either on top or bottom of crabs. Steam for 10-15 minutes on high and 5 minutes before taking out of the steamer, add in the chinese wine. Serve hot with tongue tingling chillies dip.

Tongue Tingling Chillies Dip


a few stalks of spring onion - finely sliced
10 bird's eye chillies -finely sliced
6 pips of garlic - finely chopped
lime/lemon juice from 1/2 lime
light soy sauce- enough to cover all the cut ingredients

To prepare the dip sauce :-  Mix all the ingredients above together in a sauce bowl. Serve it as a dipping sauce for the steamed crabs.

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  1. I want this too...hmm...cannot tahan liao, I must have it now, sob sob.

  2. never mind the cholesterol, i take u to polo ground.. go for 5 rounds and u can have more than 1 crab!!

  3. Ooooooo....I'd die for this!!! Drool!!! Yum! Yum!

  4. My hubby loves crab and he prefers steamed crab too. Must buy some crabs this weekend ;))

  5. similarly, i also cooked crabs yesterday in sweet and spicy..will do the posting later. love crabs so much!

  6. The roe is a stunning color! Hmm...can I come over to your house?

  7. Dont let my hubi see this.....else he will want

  8. OMG! Look at the roe! The crabs here don't have such "good stuff"!

  9. Little Inbox...weekend is just around the corner...cook this for hubby :)

    Claire...okay , I will take you on :) too !! :) and I should eat one only !!! ;p ;p

    Anncoo...heheehee..sorry, make you salivate...hope you have a good nite sleep :0

    Lena....oh waiting for your post on crabs :)

    Belinda...welcome :)

    Kathy...hahaha...then you have to cook for him :0

    tigerfish....these are crabs with roe...not meaty though. We eat this for their roe :)

  10. Talking about crab! I haven't had any of these since a long long time! Frankly, not easy to get good & filling crab nowadays. And wild crab is fat & tastier.


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