Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fresh Bay Scallops Steamed In Simplicity Is Best !

I finally found a great place where I can get fresh and frozen seafood...salmon, cod fish , oyster , and many more. Expensive but very fresh and I don't mind paying for something good though pricey a bit. I saw some shucked bay scallops, picked up a packet and the mind was already planning what to do with them. Jo and myself love any form of seafood and needless to say, after savoring those from Oyster King @The Gardens, we still crave for fresh oysters and she was beaming happily when I showed her what I bought from the seafood shop. I bought some fresh oysters too to make oyster omelette / 'Or Chien' but it turned out scrambled egg 'Or Chien ' so I am not showing you that until I have master the art of making 'Or Chien ' :p

Back to these bay scallops, it was so fresh in taste and the sweetness is awesome , even though it was frozen when I bought them from the shop. I just simply steamed them in soup spoons for 3 minutes with chinese wine and topped it with fried garlic oil , chopped parsley and chilli.  I will let my pictures tell how great this preparation was :p

Fresh scallops should not be pure white, they should be pale beige to creamy pink, and the meat should have a clean fresh smell with a moist sheen. And the best way to cook scallops are sauteeing, grilling, broiling or poaching as overcooking them will give you a tough and rubbery texture Use herbs, spices and sauces with a light hand so as not to overpower the delicate flavor of the scallops. For bay scallops it is actually best to eat them raw, for sushi or in ceviche ( marinate them with citrus juices )

So for mine , I just steamed them for 3 minutes, 1 minute before taking them out, I dribble chinese wine on the scallops and served them topped with fried garlic, chilli and chopped parsley. Place them into your mouth.and slowly savor the fresh sweetness of the scallop infused with the chinese wine and the aftertaste of the fried garlic......gosh it was heavenly ! Jo took the most, though I love seafood, I know my limit :p but at times I tend to conveniently forget the limit ! I am sure many of you will want to make this after drooling . Sorry , I can't help being a teaser and a wicked momsie to Josh ! To Josh.. " for the time being just drool from your Mac- screen , Jo had your share so when you come back for Xmas, you can have her share ;P "  Okay, I shall stop here.....or you will fall asleep .....just drool on.....slurrp slurpppppee.......

Have a virtual feasting first..it is much healtier just to virtual feast them
but if you still want more......hop over to Elinluv's Sweet Delights
for a chocolatey banana dessert :)

Enjoy !

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  1. woah..u make it so presentable! Look so classy, must be delicious too!

  2. They look so yummy! At first glance, I thought you were reviewing a restaurant's scallops. :)

  3. 4 portion only ah...hmm...dont have my share lor :(

    P/s: the word verification i got was bantai hahahaha

  4. Please, can I have some too? It's just awesome!

  5. What is the name of the shop where you buy the scallops? Thank you for your blog post...I enjoyed and learned a lot from you ! ;)

  6. Good one Elin, virtual feasting, lol! Guess that's what we do all the time when we blog hopping, haha! You are right about salivating over the scallops! Can imagine the sweetness from the fresh scallops! Btw, looking forward to see you Or chien post, heehee. :)

  7. These look so fresh and good! You have presented the simple steamed scallops so lovely.

  8. I AM drooling! This is almost too simple to have something look this fancy!

  9. WOW! This is the best presentation and I love the scallops, look sooo delicious!

  10. Grace...thanks, it was good...natural sweetness and with those toppings...awwww gooder :)

    Esther...thanks for your kind words :)

    Kathy....I took four portions for photography only :p sorry you got bantai for them :p

    Cheah...haha the shop that sells the fresh and forzen seafood is just opposite your place :)

    Michelle...it is in Ipoh Garden East on thw way to Citrus..the row of shop houses .I can't remember the shop name but will get it for you. I am going again today :) so come back again later. I will post up the shop name here for you. Stay tuned !

    Bee Bee...thank God for virtual feasting - so much healthier :) I have yet to find a good Or Chien recipe but will definitely put one up for you :) I look forward to see you again when Quinn and Gertrude are back for CNY :)

    Angie...yesss scallops are best eaten in its simplest form..the naltural sweetness is awesome :)

    Belinda....yeah...but it is awesome with the natural sweetness...mmmm I am salivating again thinking how good it was :p

    Anncoo...thanks for your lovely words...you have certainly make my day happy * I am beaming ear to ear now after reading your comment :p

  11. The scallops look really tasty! Love it that it is so easy to prepare.

  12. Beautiful photography Elin! And love that you've taken the 'less is more' approach to really let the fresh scallops shine on their own. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Biren....:) yes...it is so easy and the end result...a tasty and delicious dish...mmmm I am still thinking how good this was..every bite is heavenly :)

    Arva...thank you for your kind words..it is indeed an encouragement to me :)

  14. Michelle...the name of the shop is Perniagaan San Mao , 9, Laluan Ipoh Permai, Taman Ipoh Permai, Ipoh - business hours - 8am- 1pm, 4pm -6.30pm Tel : 109 -5132072

  15. Thanks Elin for the info...I know where it is located right now ! Hope to read more of your wonderful cooking adventure ! ;)

  16. OMG! the scallops look so fresh and I love the way you cook it, must be super duper yummy!

  17. Piggy...oink oink...yuppity good...mmmm I am still thinking of it each time I drop by here to read the comments :p


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