Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sushi -Zen @ The Gardens

Continuation from the previous  post Oyster King @ The Gardens......

After a quick ' high tea' at Oyster King, we walked around Cold Storage @ The Gardens to burn off some calories so that we can stomach more food later . We went up to look for handbags and Jo bought a nice leather bag for herself , so after the purchase , we went for another round of food.....yesss  sushi as we still have some space for Japanese food :p  See the happy expression on Miss Piggy's face while waiting for the food to arrive.  Happy also because she bought hereself a nice elegant leather handbag :)  Read on to see what we ate at Sushi-Zen @ The Gardens.

Jo ordered some Maki Sushi With Soft Shell Crabs filling...this is lovely ...soft rice with crunchy soft crab inside...mmmm you know what , I can never get sushi like this from Ipoh and they were so generous with the soft crabs rolled inside the sushi......this is delish !  Dragon Rolls Sushi With Avocado... and a plate of  Fried Soft Shell Crabs ...we never failed to order this whenever we eat at Japanese Restaurant :)) It  is Jo's favourite ! Below are the sushi we ordered and tucked in before we took the train back to Ipoh...home sweet home :)  This is something I will definitely miss when my Piggy Jo goes off again after her 2 months rest before she starts on her new chapter of  life.

Maki Sushi With Soft Shell Crabs

Close up of the Maki Sushi :)

love this soft shell crabs sushi....slurp

Jo's favourite Fried Soft Shell Crabs...if not for the calories ,
I would have ordered another plate just for myself :p

I will be going for this again when I
next travel up to KL to see Piggy Josh....

this is the Dragon Rolls With Avocado....
love the way they present it....
it does look like a dragon alright :)

close up of what is inside the sushi roll- shrimp meat and
the toppings are avocado and roes...
a delightful snack !

this sauce is for the Fried Soft Shell Crabs...
beautiful flavor...perfect for the fried crabs :))

We went back satiated and
slept the whole journey back to Ipoh
A wonderful day to enjoy each other's company
Mother and daughter's day trip to KL and looking forward to more :)))

*          *          *


  1. LOL....can become one gang already...makan already can still makan some more :D

  2. Ummm how yummy are those things... :)

  3. Delectable sushi,no wonder both of you slept through the whole journey!

  4. next time take me along lar!! mother, daughter and auntie bonding!

  5. Kathy....hahaha ask Claire..she will tell you how big my stomach is :))

    Tes....oh yessss yummy alright :) day you and me should take the ETS and have a fun day in till we drop OK?

    Claire.....OK since now you can take the ETS...takut you faint on me only ma hahaha shall date you one day but nowadays hard to date you la :p

    Vincent..thanks I am already a member of Petitchef :)


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