Friday, November 5, 2010

A Toast To Jo @ Jogoya, Starhill, KL - Part 1

We went to Jogoya Starhill, KL  to have our dinner - a graduation celebration for Jo and a valid excuse for me to indulge * wink wink .  It was our first time there and Jo's second . In fact she was the one who suggested that we have the celebration there since our hotel was just a stone's throw away . It doesn't matter where or what we eat as long as we are together again and it is the fellowship that is most important :) Family get together is always fun :)

Here are some of the food we took for the night and I wished that I had a bigger stomach for I realised I was already full and I have not even sampled their steamboat and dim sum at the far end of the room :(   Seriously, there were so much to eat and sample but unfortunately my stomach is so tiny :p
The place was fully booked eventhough it was a weekday  :)  We were led to a cosy corner and given 6 pegs . Those pegs are for ordering food that needs to be cooked by the chef. One peg per order and the food will be served to the table by the waitress. Their oysters, scallops and sashimi are very fresh ,  the free flow of red/white wine and a wide range of desserts...mmmmm  love their NZ Natural Yoghurt ice-cream and Haagen Dazs ice cream .  I managed to capture some of the food I took with my old faithful :)

My Piggies are happy when there are plenty to eat :p

these are the pegs for ordering food that needs to be cooked by the chef

the oysters are fresh and so sweet...mmmm yummy

they have a wide range of sushi ...I lost count of them

needless to say I chose sushi with salmon :p

a kind of pickled seafood...yum yumm
sorry not able to get the name of this dish

you need to use a peg to order this steamed fish
this is delicious...naturally sweet

The scallops are cooked in many different style and with different sauces...I tried out some and I love most of it.  Beautifully cooked and I was surprised that Joshua loved them too. And we both ate a lot of these scallops. Below are the many different types scallop dishes we tried out....truly mouth-watering..the meat are so succulent that I can't resist them and have eaten them in dozens :p  And have conveniently forgotten all the calories involved :)

 love these crunchy sea cucumber...slurp slurp

grilled bamboo clams with tomato sauce

baked oyster with wasabi ..I prefer the plain fresh ones
with a squeeze of lemon and a dash tobasco

seafood salad with bonito

and this is the best ....thai honey sea coconut....
we had about 10 of these :) , the honey sweet juice
really quench thirst !

I shall continue with the dessert in my Part 2 

*        *        *


  1. I think Claire is hook on Jagoya already hahaha

  2. Drool! Drool! White-eye (putih mata) I see.... Must bring my girl there - maybe when I go KL again February to send her off - back to NZ after the hols.

  3. are right..I guess she is like me , haven't tasted all the good stuff yet LOL!

    Arthur...they have lobster and the free flow of red/white wine will be worth and all those different dishes are worth eating. They have offer now - for the ladies it is a 50% discount. The offer is till 15th December :) have almost 4 months with her...lucky you :) Can feel how excited you are now waiting for her arrival back from NZ. Have fun with grow up fast and in no time we have to make appointment to meet up with them :(


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