Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joshua 's Birthday Lunch @ Tony Roma's

Piggy Joshua will not able to come back home for his birthday this weekend , so we decided to go up to KL and have lunch with him last Sunday. We travelled to KL on a day trip just to have lunch with him....with the electric train we were able to be in KL in just 2 hours thus making it possible for us to lunch together :)  Josh met up with us in MidValley....and we had our lunch at Tony Roma's...an early birthday celebration for him....haha Jo and myself wanted that as an excuse to be in KL but we have other ulterior motive.... shhhhhh ...yeah shopping , what else !  :P  Christmas pressies for ourselves !!! 
Josh birthday so he gets to choose what he wants to eat....my Piggies were happy oinking away the whole lunch session . I love family reunions  ! Jo and myself ordered something light for ourselves keeping some space for other food which we wanted to try out later at The Gardens...salad ohhh I love their salads ! The guys have grilled chicken :p  After which we shopped around....I wanted to purchase a pasta maker but couldn't find the brand I wanted ,  I ended up buying nothing but added calories with more eating :p

The Piggies have so much to chat about and Josh brought his assignments
 to do while waiting for the food to arrive....

Complementary baguette and avocado dips

Potato soup with wafer thin cheese biscuits

1/2 Onion Loaf..crispy...nice:)

love this and wish I can indulge in it
more often...bit oily for me :(

Asian Salad for Daddy

Grilled chicken with rosemary and cajun-
Josh's favourite :)

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad..
the bacon bits is to die for...Jo and myself love this !

love their grilled chicken and avocado and their bacon bits..love this salad :)

Happy Birthday Josh and may all your
wishes come through for you :) Hope
you enjoyed your early birthday lunch
with us :p

**** I didn't bake a birthday cake for Josh...but told him that
on his next trip back, I shall bake one
for him :)

*       *         *


  1. You're such a sweet and thoughtful mum :D Btw, Happy Belated Birthday to (Piggy)Joshua!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dear Joshua too!!
    I bet you cant wait for your mama's birthday cake! :)

  3. Elin, Happy Birthday to your piggie boy! The onion loaf looks incredibly luscious. You guys were actually taking something really healthy instead of heavy meal. I like the Asian salad too. Looks really falvourful. Thanks for sharing the fun. And hope you're having a great week ahead.

  4. woah...tony romas! Happy Birthday Joshua! :)

  5. I can see that you've had a great time for the reunion. :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to Joshua! what a great meal you had.

  7. hi wonderful mom! dont worry about the add on calories..just enjoy. btw, how was the trip with the elec trains? are they clean? i might be taking that too in jan.

  8. Happy Birthday to Joshua!
    Thanks for sharing this delicious moment :)

  9. Hi Angie Tee, Claire, Kristy, Gabriel, Little Inbox , Sonia, Lena and Tes...I would like to say Thank you for the birthday wishes on Josh's behalf :)

    Lena - the electric train is very clean and on time. It is good and I don't mind paying a bit more for the ride to KL , after all the journery is 2 hours only :)

  10. Happy Birthday to Jason! You are such a great Mom. My husband has been telling me for years about their onion loaf. It looks like it really lives up to the hype.

  11. Happy birthday to your son, Elin! Wow, great food and how's the ride on the electric train?

  12. Cheah...thank you and the ride to KL was good. Worth every cent :) comfortable and spacious too. After taking the electric train , you will dread the old KTM... :(

  13. P/s I have to try out the elect. train the next time I go back home. Sound interesting. Do they go all the way to Penang?

  14. Hey FoodBuzz friend! I love your blog! Happy Birthday to Joshua! Keep up the good work. Visit mine sometime.


  15. Gertrude....thanks for the birthday wishes for Josh. The ETS is from Ipoh to Seremban for the time being. Hopefully by next year they will go to Penang and Singapore :)

  16. Belated birthday greetings, Joshua...and here's wishing you a great year ahead. You were in KL on Sunday, Elin? Aiyor...should have met up with me at the airport hotel for lunch - so very cheap and so nice. Tomorrow's post will be on the cakes...

  17. Mark....thanks for dropping by. Will be dropping by yours too :)

    Arthur.....thanks for the birthday greetings for Joshua. Oh I didn't know you were in KL or we could meet up somewhere. Nevermind, when you make a trip to Ipoh, we meet up again then :)

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to Joshua

    Been busy these few days so didnt saw this post

    Been to Tony Roma.The food not bad

  19. Happy belated Birthday to your piggie Joshua! Mmm...I want that stack of onion rings.

  20. Kathy...thanks for the b/day wishes for Joshua :) Yup, it is Joshua's favourite haunt..he loves the huge gigantic burger from Tony Roma's. I love their salad...Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad...you must try this :)

    Angie....thanks for the b/day wishes for Joshua :) That stack of onion rings is good...crispy and very flavorful with the natural sweetness from the onion. I wish I can make them from home :P


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