Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Toast To Jo @ Jogoya, Starhill, KL - Part 2

There were so much to choose from the dessert section and here are some sweet indulgence I took after those oysters and scallops ( I took so much of those arteries clogging stuff that I think my arteries will suffer after this indulgent )...there were lots of mouth-watering cakes too  - cheesecake, moist chocolate cake and lots more but we just drool at them coz our stomach really can't hold anymore of those delectable cakes so we just took a few pieces of red bean pudding cake and some wolfberry jellies and some Haagen Dazs and NZ Natural Yoghurt ice cream of different fruit flavors.  Saw this  Puff Mushroom Soup when I went to pick up some yoghurt ice cream...couldn't resist it eventhough I can't hold  anymore  LOL! Gosh... it's creamy rich fresh mushroom flavor was enough to make me want to make them myself.  I told Jo, I want to make this..........LOL!  She just rolled her eyes :p
This red bean pudding cake is full of red beans...lovely taste but a bit sweet for my tastebud...for the younger people it would be perfect :)  I love the taste of the wolfberry jellies ....this has given mean idea what to do with the wolfberries in the fridge :p  I think I will also make this for our dessert....healthy bites afterall...:)

The ice cream they served are to die for.......from green tea to cheesecake flavor....awwww for once I let go and slurp away on these delectable ice cream :p  A great meal  and a great family time together.  I am looking forward to more of this get together with my Piggies brings people you agree with me ?

After the heavy meal, we went for a stroll and since Pavillion was just opposite Starhill, we went in to have a look and did some camwhoring.....I took a few snaps of my Piggies and now looking at the photos, I realised my boy has grown so much taller and he is only 19 going on to 20....oh boy... my youngest going 20 and  at times I wished I had a few more Piggies to pamper but when I think of their education ....I stopped in my track and thank God my Piggies are almost finishing their studies.  I can sit back and relax after they finish their eduction :p ...time for Daddy and me to enjoy the balance of our lives :)

Here are some snaps we took after our meal.....strolling around to burn up some calories ;p

the fountain outside Pavillion looks great in the nite
with the colorful lightings...a beautiful sight

my Piggies....awww how much they have grown :)
and soon Daddy and I will be much alone on our own...:(

this was taken at the lobby of the hotel
where we stayed......lucky Josh was
able to join us..he went back to college
the next day for he has a test to do the next day...

you can see that X'mas is just around the corner...
I am looking forward to it

every corner you can can see beautiful X'mas trees lighted up

Pavillion looks empty for it was almost closing time and it was a weekday...
best time to shop around..not crowded :)

** Jogoya, Starhill, KL served not just japanese food but international food as well ,
a great place to eat if you are staying around Bukit Bintang area :)

Enjoy and have a great weekend :)

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  1. awwwwwwwww so chweeet your piggies..lucky mom and dad!

  2. *rub rub eye* Xmas trees is up already? Baru yesterday Deepavali.

    Dont be :( lah, Elin. Maybe soon there will a new addition to the family. A DIL or SIL :D

  3. Elin, soon you will have to prepare a meal for at least 6 persons...:-))

  4. FINALLY, she's back! Congratulations to Jo at the same time! And smallkucing was so right about it! haha.... I don't think you have time to relax after another few more additions of your grand piggies! haha.... Then, that is much better. You can bake more for all your grand piggies. haha... Wow, just think about that! ^_^ Enjoy and have a great time.
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. I've been to Jogoya, so much to eat and such a great variety. Your piggies have grown, before long, you'll be MIL and then grandchildren in tow!!

  6.'s just November and the Christmas decor already up. These business people are really rushing it - getting people in the mood...and shop till they drop!

  7. time to loosen up a bit, elin since your kids are all grown up. They have their own dreams to pursue but i'm very sure that you and daddy will always be in their hearts all the time!btw, i'm really looking forward to our meet up gathering!

  8. Have I just seen red bean cake! My favourite sweet of all time :)

  9. Welcome back Jo, and congrats on your graduation! Have a great time catching up with your family. Love, Su

  10. Zurin...thanks :) your kids and grandkids are sweet too...your boys are handsome too :))

    Kathy & Angie....hopefully there will be additions but gal still want to study so looks like my neck will be longer now :p! way to go where grandkids are concern...they still pursuing their studies :p

    Cheah...lots of eat...lots of calories stuff too...:p

    Arthur...yup business minded nowadays these shopping mall but to think of it ..barely 1.5 months
    away...but it cheers me up whenever X'mas is near :) too ...looking forward to meeting you again but so far have not heard anything yet of the when is the meet up ?

    Tes...yes..mine too :)

    Ann...yup, now can relax a bit :)

    Su....thanks on behalf of Jo for the congrats wishes good to hear from you again :) especially here on my blog :)


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