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The Advantages of Using a Dredge Band for Labeling


Spices and herbs are important for seasoning food. They are what enhances the flavor of food and makes food tasty and interesting to eat. While most of these herbs and spices are added during meal preparation, there are times when there is a need for further additions after the meal is done. On the other hand, some herbs and spices may need to be added at mealtimes.

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When spices are needed to be used during meal times, dredge shakers are used to add the spice to the meal. They allow the spice application to be used in a controlled way so that it is not too much to the point that the food cannot be eaten.

Dredger shakers can be made with different materials including metal, plastic and glass. They are ideal for restaurants, diners, canteens, cafeterias, coffee shops and even for use in the home. They are also convenient for use by everyone whether you are a cook, guest at a dinner table or a barista adding cinnamon powder to a latte. Dredge shaker lids come with varying sizes of holes that allow spices to pass through unto a plate of food or a cup of coffee or tea.

Common seasonings or spices that can be put in dredge shakers include salt, chili pepper powder, pizza sauce, cinnamon, flour, black pepper, dried parsley, onion powder, and many others.

Labeling Seasonings

In a restaurant, café or kitchen that uses several seasonings, it is essential that the dredger shakers be appropriately labeled for identification purposes. Some spices are similar in appearance and it may be hard to tell one apart from the other just by looking at them. Tasting the spice may also not be an option as it may be harsh when put directly in the mouth.

Proper labeling helps to quickly and easily identify the correct seasoning to use and to avoid a mix-up that can lead to food having an unpleasant taste. You can make use of a dredge band rather than strips of tapes that can look tacky.

 What are Dredge Bands?


These are eco-friendly, silicon bands that are designed to be used for culinary labeling. They are especially useful in large kitchens and restaurants for identifying spices and seasoning. An interesting feature of these bands is that aside from displaying the name of the contents, it is possible to display warnings to show how spicy the seasoning is and also if it is allergic.

Advantages of Using the Dredge Bands

While the immediate advantage of using the shaker bands is for the purpose of labeling and identifying seasoning canisters which you can use any form of labeling to achieve, more advantages of using them include:

It is Neater and Would Stick Better

When you use strips of tape for labeling, you run a risk of the label falling off. Asides from the fact that this will defeat the purpose of using them and you will need to keep replacing them constantly, they may also fall into food or beverages and this is not nice or hygienic. Bands are elastic and stick to whatever canister they are used on without the risk of slipping or falling off.

It is Customizable

Bands can be made in any color and size and carry any information that you desire to put on them. They can carry the name and logo of the restaurant or diner as well as the name of the seasoning and any other information that may be necessary.

They Are Durable and Easy to Maintain

Dredger shaker bands are made with high-quality silicone and this makes them durable; they can last for as long as you want them until you discard them. They can withstand the roughest of conditions. They can easily be washed and sanitized when they become dirty even in a dishwasher without impacting negatively on the quality.

 You can read about silicone and why it is a great material to use in several industries and also for bands here


Seasonings like spices and herbs help us to enjoy meals but they need to be controlled so as not to overuse them. This is why canisters and dredge shakers are available.

Identifying each seasoning is equally important for clarity as well as to be certain that the correct spice is used for meal preparation and dredger shaker bands come in handy here. From the above, you have seen how advantageous they are as compared to other forms of labeling.

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