Thursday, July 11, 2019

Traditional Mexican Tostadas Recipe

If you grew up in Mexico, you will definitely appreciate the traditional and authentic dishes from your childhood. And you will always be looking for Mexican restaurants whenever you travel in order to enjoy the delicacies. But there is nothing better than bringing recipes of the popular food from home to wherever you go.

Traditional tostada is a delicacy made of dried beans, lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes and beef. These ingredients will then be spread on a fried tortilla because tostada means toasted. Today, there is a variation that includes the use of chicken. Most Mexicans mash their beans and use ground beef for the best results. But restaurants, especially those in other parts of the world, may modify their tostadas.

Making the Tortillas

Typically, tortillas are used for many things, and they are usually readily available in a Mexican home. Those that are not especially fresh were the ones traditionally utilized for tostadas. However, people now make fresh ones from corn flour for the best tostadas. All you need to do is to fry them in a pan at medium heat until they are golden brown.

Preparing the Beans

This is the main ingredient that makes tostadas very distinct. When making them, ensure that pinto beans are used for the best results. Other ingredients include olive oil, finely chopped onions, coriander leaves and black pepper. Of course, the beans will have been boiled until they are tender, and all you are doing now is to fry and mash them so that they can be spread easily. According to the head chef at Vamos restaurant, making the best beans is very crucial for delicious tostadas.

Ground Beef

Although chicken is also used as mentioned earlier, let us stick to ground beef because it is the most common choice for traditional Mexican tostadas. You should fry the ground beef in the same way as the beans until it is cooked well. Ensure that it has a thick sauce that makes it easy to spread.

The Salad

Also known as ''salsa cruda,'' this salad is mainly made of shredded lettuce and slices of tomatoes. Sometimes, onions are added for those who would like to add this taste to their dish. Next, there is nothing much to do but wait to add the ingredients on top of the tostada just before topping it off with cheese and Mexican crema sauce.

Combining the Ingredients

The final step involves combining the parts of the dish together just before serving. And now that everything is ready including the tortillas, the process is pretty simple.
·             Spread the fried beans on the tortillas.
·             Spread a layer of ground beef.
·             Sprinkle the shredded lettuce, tomatoes and onions.
·             Add grated cheese on top and some Mexican crema.
·             Serve the tostadas.


Following this simple recipe will give you traditional and authentic tostadas that remind everyone of the delicious food back home. See, there is nothing difficult about it when you use the right ingredients and method for making them. Your dinner guests will be thrilled with your mouth-watering creation.

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