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A Look at the Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker


Making soup is one of the oldest culinary skills. It probably dates back to the period when man invented the pot. In people of different cultures, soup has always been highly appreciated for its healing properties. As seen on this page, even science has confirmed the health benefits of eating this warm appetizer.

Besides health benefits, soup is an excellent ally in the fight against excess weight. It is known that starting a meal with this hot appetizer increases satiety and reduces energy intake. Due to the large part of the water in it, this meal fills the stomach faster and gives a feeling of fullness, which is why you will eat less after having a plate of soup.

Another advantage of the soup is the ease of making. You can make it from almost anything you can find in your kitchen. Combinations of vegetables, meat, spices, and herbs are numerous. If you are just learning to cook, soup can be your first ‘test.'

The Art of Cooking Warm Appetizers

Instant cooking is more common today than ever, as most dishes can be found in frozen packaging or the form of concentrates. There is nothing easier than reaching for a can of broth or base and making this dish in a few minutes. It may be a good idea for lunch when you are in a hurry, but you should keep in mind that store meals are not always what you’ve seen in commercials.

On TV ads, canned soup seems like a delicious, homemade dish. In reality, these products often contain numerous additives and flavor enhancers that give a pleasant aroma but are harmful to health. Due to the processing method, no nutritional maximum was extracted from the ingredients found in the instant meals.

The composition of the soup depends on the starting material from which you make it. You often can't know what's in a can or concentrate base. On the other hand, if you make this dish yourself, by hand or with the help of a soup maker, you know that it contains only the best ingredients.

All soups have high water content. Meat broths contain more protein, electrolytes, and minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium. Those with a vegetable base are rich in fibers, vitamins, and phytochemicals. The last nutrients are the elements that give the broth a natural color and aroma. For example, lycopene makes tomato soup red, and chlorophyll is responsible for the soft green shade of broccoli soup.

When you make the broth yourself, valuable nutrients from vegetables and meat remain in the dish. Even if you use a soup maker, you can get the best out of the ingredients. A quality appliance can save you a lot of time, and it will prepare a dish as healthy and tasty as if you made it from scratch.

How Morphy Richards Soup Maker Works

All kitchen appliances are designed to make your life easier and shorten the time spent preparing food. Suppose you enjoy hot soup and like to combine different ingredients as a liquid, warm appetizer. In that case, you should get a soup maker, combine foods, and cook this simple meal whenever you want.

First, you should put all vegetables, meat, and spices in the jug. If you want a creamy broth, don’t cut pieces larger than an inch, as they won’t blend evenly. Pour the water into a bowl, but remember that it evaporates when heated. So always put more fluids than necessary. Don’t fill the jug to the top so that the lid can align with it. Otherwise, the appliance won't work.

On the following link, check some tips on making delicious, warm starters:

Creamy or Chunky 
The ingredients are lightly cooked (updated models also have a sautéing option). Next, you can pick the moment when you'll press the blend or chop button. You can set the speed of blending to make your meal creamy or chunky soup, as you like.

The blades are placed on the lid. That’s why they can pass through the entire contents of the jug, evenly chopping and mixing the ingredients and their flavors. That is especially important if you want a creamy soup with a silky texture. 

 As long as the jug’s content is blending, the cooking option is on. But this temperature is often not high enough to cook some thick meat or vegetables. In this case, it is necessary to pre-cook all the ingredients that require pre-preparation at high heat.

Ease of Use
No soup maker is complicated to use, as the very principle of making this warm dish is quite simple. Yet, the settings and buttons can often be a problem. That can be quite confusing, as some appliances have many buttons for the same function.

The Morphy Richards brand has solved this problem with a simple LED control panel with buttons for each function. There are four of them on the 48822 model. There is also a small LED display where you can follow the cooking time.

 Why Is 48822 a Best-Seller?


The Morphy Richards brand has distinguished itself in the market in the field of making hot appetizers. Their devices are often among the best sellers because they have a favorable price-quality ratio. Prices can vary significantly, depending on options, design, capacity, and so on.

The crucial reason for the popularity of these small appliances is the ability of all-performing. It means that they do all the activities related to making soup, i.e., chopping, cooking, and blending. But you still have to wash, peel, and cut the ingredients into chunks.

The device under the name 48822 is one of the older models of the Morphy Richards brand, but it still holds a stable position on the list of best-selling soup makers. Although Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker is continuously rolling out new appliances and combinations of volume and settings, the 48822 is still the first option for many customers.

Warm Meal in No Time

Whether you don't have time for lunch or you’d like something to warm you up on-the-go, with the help of a soup maker, your wish will be fulfilled quickly. Suppose you need a couple of minutes to make an instant meal. In that case, you can arrange a few more minutes and cook a homemade broth from the quality ingredients.

The manufacturers of Morphy Richards appliances guarantee that any hot broth can be done in less than half an hour. In some reviews, you will find information that cooking in the model 48822 takes 25 minutes; others say that your meal is done in 21 minutes.

Differences are depending on what you are preparing this warm appetizer from. Meat broths usually take longer to cook and blend, while vegetable soups take less time. If you want to speed up cooking time, you can use pre-cooked foods.

One thing you should remember is that opening the lid before you hear a beep will reset the program. It means you can’t check how the content blending is going on or add any ingredient during cooking. You have to put everything in the jug before you press the 'start' button. Also, the jug is not transparent, so you can’t keep an eye on the soup while in the appliance.

No Extra Dishes


If you have many dishes to wash after using a kitchen appliance, then its use didn't make your job any easier. That is not the case with Morphy Richards appliance, and especially with the model 48822. Its capacity of 1.6 liters means that you can prepare a warm appetizer for the whole family, without a pile of dishes waiting for you.

You don't need extra cookware when you make soup in this appliance, since all the ingredients are cooked and blended in the same bowl. You will only need an extra pan or pot if you need to pre-cook some meat or veggies.

What sets this model apart from similar devices on the market is its ease of cleaning. The Morphy Richards brand made a great move by placing the blades on the lid. When you open the device, you remove the blades along with the lid, which means you can clean them very quickly. That also eases ingredients load when cooking.

Washing Tips

Also, cleaning the container is much easier because there are no curved, sharp, and hidden edges. All residues can be easily removed under running water. Do the washing in the standard way with soap and rinsing. For greasy or sticky foods, you need to be persistent in removing stains. But don't use abrasive cleaners or rough sponges.

As for machine washing, it is not recommended to put a soup maker on it. The lid contains electronics and a control panel. Its upper side should not even be wetted, so don’t put it under the water jet. Only wipe it with a damp cloth.

At the same time, the materials from which the containers are made are dishwasher friendly. But over time, stainless steel can corrode due to excessive stay in the dishwasher, and the detergent can damage its polish. Here you can read about cleaning stainless steel jugs.

Due to insufficient water in the jug while cooking, persistent, burnt stains can often stay on it. You can solve this problem without using force by filling the container with warm soapy water and leaving it for a while. That will soften the deposits so you can wash the dishes as usual.

Not Just for Soups
If this handy kitchen appliance is called a soup maker, it doesn't mean that you only have to cook soup in it. In principle, you can make any blended meal, side dish, or drink in this appliance. It means you can use it to prepare sauces, smoothies, and so on.

Since the container on the model 48822 is made of metal, it can take on the aromas from chili, ginger, garlic, etc. That happens if you keep the broth in an appliance and not in a bowl. To avoid this, immediately put the finished dish in a ceramic bowl, and wash the appliance.

If you want to make smoothies or milkshakes, the 'juice' option is ideal for that, as it doesn’t use heat, and it’s done in two minutes. The manufacturer warns that you shouldn't put ice cubes in the Morphy Richards appliance. The blades in it are not intended for chopping so hard matter.

Soup has always been synonymous with food that comforts, strengthens, and heals. A pleasant, warm aroma of hot broth often reminds you of home and family, as the soup is usually a part of every Sunday lunch. With Morphy Richards 4822 Soup Maker, you can prepare this delicious dish for your loved ones whenever you want.





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