Monday, October 13, 2014

Oven Fried Wings

Occasionally, I will give WB a treat to fried wings....definitely not KFC style !!! (KFC is his all time favorite though ) So to make him love my kind of fried wings, I will try to make the wings as crispy and tasty as possible and to make them crispy, the trick is to  use potato flour for coating.  I managed to get it crisp and taste was good.  The flour was mixed with mixed herbs, paprika , black pepper, sea salt and a dash of tell me...good anot?  It was packed with flavors and each bite on the crunchy skin...mmm no guilt coz the fat from the skin had dripped onto the bottom of the foil  leaving the skin crispy and crunchy. This is so much healthier than deep fried wings . A keeper for sure .

a mixture of potato flour, paprika, cajun,  mixed herbs, sea salt, black pepper and sea salt

coat the wings with the above flour mixture and leave it to 
rest for 1-2 hours before oven frying them :)

lovely much better than oil frying
this is a healthier version :)

simply love them.....1 for me and 3 for WB 

Oven Fried Wings  -  WB's Kitchen

4 chicken wings 

Coating ingredients - to combine together

1 cup of potato flour
1 tbsp of mixed herbs
1 tsp of paprika
1/2 tsp of cajun
1/2 tsp of black pepper
1 tsp of sea salt


Coat the wings with the above flour mixture. Place coated wings on raise up wire rack with a tray at the bottom lined with aluminium foil ( for drippings of oil ) Leave it to rest for 1 hour or till the flour is absorbed into the wings.  Oven fried the wings in preheated oven 200 deg C for 40 mins or till the wings are evenly browned and crunchy.  

Enjoy !


  1. No argument there Elin, these are much healthier than deep fried. And the with the spices ... Yum! Bet there is none left for the next day, right?

  2. They must be very delicious! Love thin herby potato crust.

    1. Angie, I love the thin herby potato crust too. Healthier than the fried ones :)

  3. Chicken wings are my favorite!! Catherine

  4. me LIKE!!! coz no need to goreng. I dislike goreng

    1. Kathy....this method is better for Joshua and guilt eating them esp the fat from the wings skin :p

  5. Hi
    do we need to use eggwhite on the to coat the flour mixture . If no, then how will the flour stay on the wings. Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Kit,
      No nid to use eggwhite. The wings is damp so you can just coat with the flour/herb/spice mixture. Leave the wings to rest for 1 hour or so until the flour looks moist and sticks to the wings. Then only bake on a raised rack with a tray at the bottom to collect the oil drippings from the wings. Hope you will enjoy this healthy wings :)


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