Friday, September 12, 2014

Garden Salad With Karnia Garden Herb Salad Seasoning

Who doesn't love salad ? I do :)  I love munching on these greens alone if possible but then of course I will be hungry 3 hours later LOL!  My cute Piggy Cuz went travelling and she bought from Greece some stuff back for me . She gave me sachets of Garden Herb Salad Seasoning from Greece.  Cool ! I added some chopped Italian parsley , lemon juice and olive oil to the Garden Herb Salad Seasoning. Gave it a whisk , and they are ready to be poured into the garden salad.... Mmmmm yummy !  Thank you Piggy Cuz ,for your thoughts even when never fail to bring home something for me...either food or piggy collectibles !  I feel so loved and  blessed having a cousin like you :)   Travel more ...Cousin dear :p

an assortment of garden greens

all the way back from Greece :)


I can't read Greek language so I just make my own concoction
with chopped parsley, lemon juice and olive oil
it was yummy good !

Enjoy and have a great weekend !

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