Monday, August 18, 2014

Linguine Pasta With Porcini And Crab Claw Meat

This is the most interesting and most delicious pasta meal I made for ourselves...hahaha crab claw meat and porcini...gosh I can't tell you how delicious this was !  I still drool thinking of it :p  Anyway, I have to thank my Piggy Jo for getting me these delicious porcini from Australia ,when she was there to attend a conference. I have eaten in restaurant to cook at home, this was the first time I have them from home.  This is easy to whip up and you can have a satisfying meal by just adding porcini and crab meat into your linguine. Awwwsome pasta meal and I hope to cook this more often :)  Thank you JO for getting me 3 packets of these porchini mushrooms which have a chewy texture and a strong nutty woodsy, sweet and meaty taste.....I love them to bits and she recently managed to get them from B.I.G for RM26.90 for 40gms. Kamsahamida Joanna :)

I bought crab claws from the wet market.  If you want to get the claws, you must be there
early in the morning. The couple selling crabs were unloading the crabs and 
they put aside the claws that dropped off from the poor crabs. I took the opportunity
and bought back 1 kg for RM20 :p  I can cook many dishes using the claw meat
and this pasta is one of the dishes that I used crab claw meat

aww.... love the porcini and the star of this dish is not so much the crab claw meat
but the porcini mushrooms which have a chewy texture and a strong nutty
woodsy, sweet and meaty taste.....

Linguine Pasta With Porcini And Crab Claw Meat 


cooked linguine for two person
10 gms of dried porchini mushrooms- soaked for 30 minutes
3 pairs of crab claw - steamed and removed shells, keep the crab stock ( from steaming)

4 cloves of garlic- chopped finely
4 sprigs of italian parsley - chopped
2 bird's eye chillies -chopped
1 tsp of black pepper
1 tbsp of olive oil
a pinch of sea salt


Heat up olive oil in a non stick deep pan and saute the chopped garlic till fragrant, add in the porcini mushrooms and continue to stir fry till the mushrooms is cooked through, lover heat, add in the cooked linguine, black pepper, crab claw meat, crab stock from the steaming and sea salt to taste. Stir well till all ingredients are evenly mix. Off heat and add in the italian parsleyand bird's eye chillies.  Dish up and serve hot.


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  1. which wet market that you bought the crab claws? Look so delicious.

    1. Hi Soo Sean,
      I bought it from the Central Market Ipoh where the UTC is above it :)

    2. Hi Soo Sean,
      I bought it from the Central Market Ipoh where the UTC is above it :)

    3. That is very far from my Ipoh's home. Err....and need to wake up early. :p

    4. oh I see...I normally go there on Saturday morning to get the claws...very fast habis :)


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