Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Gathering @ Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine, Kota Damansara

It is not often that we get to meet up together and this Raya was just the right time to meet up and have a great meal together :)  Our favorite haunt , Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine at Kota Damansara was the choice for our lunch.  When the kids are already working, esp some are working in neighbouring country , it is indeed hard to have everyone together for a meal . WB and myself were ecstatic over this meet up :) Like I have always mentioned, it is the fellowship and not the food that makes us happy.  This  post is to remind WB and myself how much we had grown older we have become..oops ( the heart is forever young of course )  and the kids are growing older and wiser too.

This post will prove that we still have a great appetite ( ate like a wolf instead of a piggy ) These pictures were taken to remind me that I have to sweat out all the calories taken in :p  Read on to see what a glutton I was and some family shots :)

plates after plates of fresh succulent oysters..with lots of tabasco and lemon juice

succulent clams in rice wine...delicious :)

grilled squids on hot plates...
yummy good !

sweet and sea scented fresh Japanese abalone slices

okonomiyaki...lots of katsuobushi

grilled salmon...lovely !

grilled soba fish 

unagi sushi

tobiko sushi...WB's favorite

Agedashi Dofu...delicious

Soft Crab Rolls...this is Piggy Jo's favorite ...actually mine too *wink

Sashimi....lovely..fresh and sweet

Salmon steak.....yummy !

grilled the cheesey hot topping
Piggy Jo's favorite

Dragon Roll....

steamed cod fish....smooth and sweet

salmon sashimi

grilled beef rolls ...this is yummilicious this !

Piggy Jo and her partner in crime :)

Piggy Josh and his fiancee :)

WB and his soulmate :p

The three happy couples...hahahaa one for 2014
and hope for many more to come :)

Have a great weekend !

*                *              *


  1. what lovely photos :)

    cham i have to dig hole and hide jor coz never been to this place.

    1. oh... you go on weekdays..cheaper a lot. RM42 on weekdays and 62 on weekends and public holidays . I love the oysters and Japanese abalone :) I ate the most hahahaha the cholesterol will shoot sky high leh.


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