Monday, November 26, 2012

Sea Clams With Basil

Sea Clams for the weekend !!! love this to bits. Saw some big fat ones in the market and who could resist even when the price is  RM25 per kg !   Bought half a kilo back and tucked them in without any guilt.  Good thing that it is pricey or I will tuck them in everyday and clog up my arteries with them.   The price will keep me from over indulging in them !  The price saved my arteries from abuse !

You can cook them in whatever way you like and it will still be delicious....sweet and sour with basils or in white wine or packed them in papilotte and baked in the oven .   If you ask me what would I like to have for my last meal before going to meet my Maker...this is one of them LOL!   I like them in pasta too ...its natural sweetness is good for simple pasta.  I cooked them with fermented soy beans, preserved black beans, sour plum sauce and chillies , of course not to leave out the garlic and homegrown Thai basil.  It is tasty and really finger lickin' good :p   I am drooling just thinking back as I am penning this post...the aromatic and the sweet succulent clams still lingers in my mind.  Can't wait for the next opportunity to eat this again :p

Sea Clams With Basil


1/2 kg sea clams, washed,soaked and drained

sauce ingredients (A)

2 tbsp sour plum sauce
1 tbsp inced fermented soy beans
1 tsp of preserved black beans
ground chilli * amount to one's taste
3 or 4 cloves of garlic- chopped
2 tbsp of vegetable oil

1 tsp of sugar
a few sprigs of basil


Saute  (A) ingredients with 2 tbsp of  oil till fragrant, add in the clams and stir fry for a few mins, add 1/2 cup of water,  cover with lid for at least 8 minutes on high heat till the clams shells are over. Add in 1 tsp of sugar and basils .   Continue to stir fry till the basil gives out its fragrance. Dish up and serve hot.

have a nice day !

*            *           *


  1. YUMM!! Elin, i've never mixed tauchu sauce with sour plum sauce before, but it sounds delicious! definitely gonna try it. Rm25 is really expensive...aiyo, something that used to cost next to nothing is now exhorbitant...ah well, like you say, look on the bright side. the expensive price will make us eat less and keep our arteries healthy :)

    1. must is very flavorful when you saute these ingredients together....yummy!

  2. I can't take the spicy heat very much, but whenever my mom cook this dish, I will still eat as much as I can because the spicy feeling is so shiok! Yours look really delicious!

  3. Jasline, you can always reduce the chilli :) I love this combination of ingredients to make the beautiful and flavorful gravy for the clams...finger lickin' good seriously :p

  4. Slurpssss!!!! Looks so good, bet it tastes like heaven!

  5. WOW! Such great photo styling gets us all drooling onto keyboards!
    Umn...artery clogging? Aren't seafood full of good cholesterol? Opposed to those in meats and processed foods?

  6. this sounds like a very special sauce! i can also eat the whole plate by problemos!


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