Friday, November 16, 2012

Pan Fried Chicken Fillets With Nando's Hot Peri Peri Seasoning Rub

Nando's Hot Peri Peri Seasoning rub is so good for pan fried meat, chicken or pork and it is also best for any roast . This is the last packet that Josh bought for me .  I  flipped the box to see what is written on the back of the packet , looking hard to see what ingredients is made of the rub.....maybe I can replicate it as near as possible LOL! I am not named the great Copy Cat for nothing okay ! Just kidding !  Seriously , it is good :)   This time, I used it to season the chicken breast fillets and instead of roasting it, I tried pan frying it and gosh it was finger licking good !   I used the same method as for roasting...coating it with........................

potato flakes and self raising flour, more of the potato flakes ( 2:1 ratio ) .....this is the best coating mixture , trust me, pan frying with little oil , it still gives the crisps I needed  :)   I tried making my own seasoning rub based on the ingredients given by Nando's and it turned out good too. Will be sharing my version of 70% in my post one of these days :p  so watch out for it !

this is another flavor from the Nando's peri peri seasoning rub !
this is the hot stuff :)   If any of you see this Nando's seasoning rub in KL ,
let me know, I would love to buy them all back !

made up of a fiery blend of spices, garlic, herbs ( parsley )  and
 Peri-Peri chilli ( African Bird's Eye Chilli ), sugar, salt, black pepper, 
Paprika, Nutmeg, dehydrated garlic and onion, mustard powder and 
spice oils.......
mmmm we can use fresh spices to replicate it...can't we ? :)

 marinate the fillets with some olive oil and
the peri peri seasoning rub overnight and coat them
with the potato flakes and self raising flour mixture evenly and
 pan fried them in either canola oil or vegetable oil - make sure
the oil is hot before putting in the potato flakes coated meat

let the cooked meat on paper towel to drain off excess oil
once it has cooled off, it will be crispy on the outside and
tender and juicy on the inside

dip these with wasabi.....I can have the whole plate of pan fried chicken
fillets all to myself if I am not on a will not survive reaching
the dinning table  LOL!  but I did steal a piece while frying the rest :p

Love this and will be sharing how I made my own seasoning rubs
when I am in the mood :p  don't worry the post will be coming soon LOL!

 I can only say  TGIF for now
and have a great weekend !

*             *             *

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  1. Hope they sell that in Wellington. They have Nandos there... None in Sibu. Sobsss!!!!


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