Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plain Roast Chicken Leg Dipped In Garlicky Balsamic Vinegar

At times laziness takes over and I will just cook simple. Plain Roast Chicken Leg and dipped In Garlicky Balsamic Vinegar . I still have half a bottle of balsamic vinegar and have to use it up fast for I do not like to keep them too long in the fridge. You know what I mean...occupied space is one thing but the expiry factor is another :)  Piggy gal Joanna had left for KL for a seminar briefing concerning her trip to UK to finish her engineering degree. So,  left these two old folks to have candle light dinner at home....romantic anot? * wink.  Of course !! romantic when we are not having fights lol ! After twenty seven years of marriage we have stopped fighting.....mellowed already.....have learnt to appreciate each other and have more candle lights dinners ..especially when TNB breaks down  :p 
And being the lazy me after all the cooking during CNY,  I decided to chuck the chicken legs into the oven and roast them with just sea salt and honey and some white pepper. Lots of garden salad and some left overs of  korean strawberries. Prepared a dipping of garlic with balsamic vinegar. Fantastic flavor !  I love the salad  and strawberries the most...I am not a meat eater more a fish lover though but since I have one half who loves meat so have to condescend to his wishes :p

just rub a t1/2 tsp of sea salt , pepper and honey over the chicken leg
and leave it to marinade for 1/2 hour.. 
roast for 35-40 minutes till brown and cooked,.
mine definitely not brown but a wee burnt..
the other half loves it this way * shrug

garnish with garden salad and any fruits you like,
since I have some korean strawberries in the fridge, add
them to the roast to brighten up the dish.
Cut some garlic and mix with balsamic vinegar
as dipping for the roast...yumm yummm :p

*      *     *


  1. Wow! Looks very delicious! I love meat, but never try this dipping before. Will give it a try..;) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hahaha, you are funny, candle light dinner when TNB break down, I must learn this. This is simple and yummy.

  3. mmm u always make lovely chicken dishes...all the burnt parts are yummy!

  4. Hey, having candle light dinner is romantic but not so when TNB breaks down in this weather! We'll be having sauna in our own house!

  5. Hi Elin,
    Such simple and delicious chicken dish. Another great dinner in no time, think I also have to try this one, thanks!

  6. haha, me too. Can't stop laughing when u mentioned have more candle light dinner when TNB breaks down.

    Ur chicken looks yummy. One tip for u, brush the honey at the last 10 min only. Brush one side, bake for 5 min and then turn over and bake for another 5 min. It helps for not get rid of the burned skin.

  7. Hi Reese...thanks I like the roast to be a bit burnt...taste nice but not often la :p

    Angie...haha ya the weather is so HOT over here, but we eat oven roast meat just the same :))

    Sonia....haha you think Daddy wants candle light dinners now if not for the TNB break down LOL! 27 yrs back YESsss !

    Zurin...yup you are like me...slightly burnt taste better hor :)

    Cheah...haha you are right ! no choice...candle light dinners when TNB fails :))

    Bee Bee...haha lazyness takes over this is what we will have for dinner....not much washing work involved :p

    Yee Er...thanks for the tips ..will definitely try that out :)
    Glad I made you laugh :))


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