Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Close Brush With Mango Glutinous Rice Rolls !

I woke up wanting to make this gorgeous looking mango glutinous rice rolls which I have bookmarked the moment I set my eyes on the photo from the Pop Club mag Issue 27 Mac 2010 , given free to every Popular Card Member.   This was even worse than the previous baked tapioca honeycomb cake that I baked a few days ago :(  When I read the recipe, I knew there was something not right with it, but thinking this was maybe a new method to make the mochi like rolls, I followed the cooking instruction to the T.  And after steaming the glutinous rice flour with sugar for almost 1/2 hour , the flour still remained the same . So , to save the situation and not to waste all the ingredients I have put together , I quickly gave the recipe the modification needed....
I put together the cooked gelatin cheese fillings and the  'no change steamed flour ' together and added some water to make the mixture of  thick flowing consistency and steamed again into mochi textured dough.  I will not make this again for sure. If you have the same book that I have , please take note of this recipe.  My modification has turned this roll into a nyonya kuih instead.  It was not too bad  , tasted quite okay though but not the ideal kind of dessert that I expected from the magazine  A word to the editor of this Pop Club Magazine, please do a proper job before printing out the recipe. Wasted my time and energy !

I did it my way....using the same ingredients...the cheese powder 
and gelatin  powder made this glutinous roll into a nyonya like kuih :p

thank was okay or else 
the expensive cheese powder will be wasted

and the mangoes not to mention.....'s mango season again

this roll  after my modification has a slight soft chewy texture..
with  cheese and mango should be
 exotic if not for the wrong printing of the recipe :(

Have you ever experience something like that...half way through and you
realised that something is not right and you have to do a last minute
modification to the recipe ??? Care to share with me here :)) I would love to hear your
close encounter with a recipe that fails.

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  1. Well, they still turned out good...and that's all it counts.

  2. I disagree with Angie's Recipes's comment. A recipe that still turned out good if you follow it to the T is fine but a recipe that turns out alright after lots of modifications is not all that counts. I believe all editors and cookbook authors should triple test their recipes properly prior going to print. If I were you Elin, I'd file a complain and write a letter to the editor.

  3. at least now u know u r better than the one who gave u that failed recipe.. u created something more appealing than him/her! :p

  4. unfortunately each time half way thru found something wrong, the whole thing will end up in dumpster :(

  5. Actually, I've had similar situations ... a lot ... I know it ain't a pleasant thing to go through ... You feel like you've been cheated, sort of.

    In fact, I just had one last week. But I've yet to blog about it as you know how slow of a blogger I am. (The food talked about is here: ... At least, I still managed to salvage the situation, too ... I hate to see our money, time and efforts going into the dumpster ...

    You saved the situation. I can't imagine the expensive cheese powder going to a waste. The rolls look scrumptious, with modifications from you. So, you should start calling these Elin's glutinous rice rolls ... Teehee ...

  6. Wow....lots of interesting discussion here. There's always pros and cons. On one hand, we can feel cheated and disappointed but on the other hand, we become better and more creative cooks...just like what you have done. Well done, Elin! It looks very delicious...mmm

  7. Hi!
    This looks very Thai food! I like mango very much, this will suit my appetite.

  8. I have the same experience like you when I followed to recipe in magazine or newspaper, usually with failed result. I never trust a recipe in a magazine anymore. I feel recipes that share in blog are better and can be trust!!

  9. First of all, excellent save! But I'm sorry that the final outcome wasn't what you expected when starting. It does make you wonder if the editorial staff actually made the recipe as written or were simply handed the instructions and just printed it. To be fair, perhaps there was a printing error?

    In any event, it does take experience and skill to be able to salvage it and you certainly did an excellent job!

  10. This kuih looks good to me in any case. Speaking about last minute modifications, it just happed to me last Thurs. I had intended to make a velvet chocolate cake but after measuring out all the ingredients and just started to cream the butter, heck I forgot to buy sour cream. I quickly had to search out another cake recipe and re-measured the ingredients again. Luckily I was able to salvage what I had started.

  11. You know Elin, I have several this kind of experience too..not just from newspaper or magazines. :P Sometimes a proper cookbook can be quite deceiving! I personally own a couple of such books and ask myself why in the world did I fall in their "trap" by purchasing it just by looking at the nice pictures only! *Sigh* We live and learn...

  12. Hi Angie...:)) yup lucky it turned out great even though I don't get the full satisfaction of tasting the original one:p

    Hi Quinn....yup I think I will write to the editors and let them know the mistake :p

    Hi Claire...haha lucky I managed to turned it to something edible :p

    Hi Small Kuching...yup at times all the whole thing will be dumped into the garbage bin...:))

    Hi Pei Lin...ya..the cheese powder is expensive...haha lucky I managed to make something good out of it :p

    Hi Mary...thanks for your sweet comment :))

    Hi Grace...haha does it look like the Thai dessert ? haha think of it yes it does taste like the Thai their main item..:))

    Hi tested and posted up by bloggers are trusted and will always turned out great for they have been tested by the bloggers themselves

    Hi Tangled Noodle ...yup I guess the editor doesn't even know whether the recipe is fool proof anot and thanks for your kind words :))

    Hi are better than least you are still on the right track.

    Hi Bee Bee...ya, I am sucker where grat photos are concern. I am sold when the photos are alluring enough. I learned my the recipes carefully before I buy them :p We live and learn...I like that from you. :)))


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