Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sesame And Bonito Flakes Crusted Tofu

I have to thank Zurin of Cherry On a Cake for this delish tofu finger food. The moment I saw it on her blog I am sold. After all the festive activities, I am now settled to be able to have my own space to try out this delightful tofu dish. It was so good with the bonito fragrant and truly being a tofu fan, this is absolutely fantastic. Crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. I dipped it with wasabi and mmmmm...I thought I have gone to heaven :) The sesame seeds added flavor to the crusted tofu. words to describe..go read Zurin post on it. But please don't compare hers with mine. She is my sifu :)) Student normally lose out to the sifu. Kudos to Zurin !

cut the soft tofu into 8 pieces...wipe dry with paper towel
coat it with potato flour ( I used potato flour instead)

Dip in beaten egg and coat it with sesame and bonito flakes
and fry it on a non stick pan with sesame oil or vegetable oil
till golden brown

before frying...well coated with bonito flakes and sesame seed

A big thank you to Zurin for this delicious tofu dish !

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  1. O Wow Iam so honoured that u tried it Elin!!! You are one fantastic cook and Me NOT sifu ! u are! :DD Its not even my recipe la. I was just blessed n lucky to stumble upon the recipe at Divina's blog. But thanks for trying :)))))

  2. Love anything to do with tofu. You and zurin did this very well!

  3. eh... what is bonito flakes.. really new to me.. so how did it taste? really something special la..

  4. I would love to try the recipe too! I am a big tofu fan. Not sure I can find the bonito flakes, I guess I need to look out for a substitute.
    Best Wishes for the year 2010!

  5. The tofu looks so yummy. Think it needs a bit of 'kung fu' frying them, because they're so soft. But nothing is difficult for supermom like you!

  6. Interesting! I've also used Bontio Flakes for some party snacks recently. Check it out!

  7. Hello Elin,
    Happy New year and wishing you all the best for the coming year.

  8. After all the hype from Claire, I cudn't resist but to drop by here to see what is Elin all about.. n boy.. do I 'regret' coming here so late at nite! Makes me HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  9. I bookmarked this recipe but have yet to try it out. Have to get some Bonito flakes first :) Wishing you & your family all the best for the coming year 2010.

  10. A great way to enjoy tofu! Love the glaze. Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year 2010 to all of you my friends here I am looking forward to another wonderful blogging year of sharing good tested recipes with all of you. :)) and thanks for always leaving me kind comments here :)

    Zurin : You are welcome and I love your blog. Share more of your nice bakes and delicious home cooked recipies :))

    Tracie : Thanks and have fun this new year. All the best in your studies too besides baking all those wonderful cakes :)

    Claire : Bonito flakes are fish flakes. You can get them from 100 yen shop. Take u there if you want to cook this dish :p

    Angie: Happy New Year to you too ! If you cant find bonito in your place please let me know. I can send a packet to you. Send your address to my email address if u don't mind and I will send you a packet. Substitute may not taste as good cos this bonito has the nice subtle fishy smell that will make the bland tofu taste better :)

    Cheah : No , it is not difficult. As long as the oil is hot enuf the tofu will not stick and buy the medium soft type. Handle with care when coating the tofu though. Gentle touch works! LOL!

    Blackswan: Thanks for sharing your bonito recipe :)

    Anncoo: You too. Have a blessed New Year. I love your blog and thanks for sharing so many delightful dishes and bakes. Keep up the good work this new year :))

    Merryn : Hi, thanks for dropping by :) Happy New Year to you Merryn. Saw ur pics with Claire and you are a pretty momsie :)

    Shirley : Yup, do try it out :)

    ICook4Fun : Hi Gert...Happy New Year to you , Carlos and Diana. Ohh Gert you must try it out. I know you will love it :)

    pigpigscorner: Ohh yes you must try it out..fantastic flavor for a bland piece of tofu using the bonito. Great one!

  12. Wah...this looks so good and simple too! I like going through your recipes which include many easy ones for simple folks like me! But, got to source for Bonita flakes first!
    Wishing you and family too, a very healthy, joyful and blessed 2010, Elin.

  13. Hi Jacqueline,

    Happy Twenty Ten to U and family too. I am glad you enjoy looking thru here :) Hope you will continue to drop by often :)

  14. Wow, this looks absolutely tasty! Love your pictures. Happy New Year!

  15. Hi Shelly,

    Thanks, Happy New Year To You too! :)

  16. This looks really tasty. I've never been able to make tofu taste good at home. Do you press it first?

  17. Hi Teah,
    No, you dun nid to press them. Just wipe with paper towel :) This is savoury . Dip with wasabi and you will think you have gone to heaven :p

    Happy Twenty Ten, TEAH :)


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