Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flaky Pastry Chicken Pie

I have been busy baking cakes for friends the last few days who have specifically asked me to help bake cakes for them, so I could not find the time to blog about this wonderful , crispy and yummilicious flaky chicken pie using oat flour. This is my first time trying out this flaky pastry inspired by the cookbook ' Oats Delicieux ' . I used half flour and half oat flour and it turned out fantastic. Crispy and flaky and the aroma of the oats after baking was fabulous and I will definitely make this pastry again for my other pies. I will try using a 100% oat flour for this pastry the next time round. It will gluten free and healthier too :))

I cut out little hearts for decoration
play time is fun even for old adult who wants
to feel 25 all the time LOL!

remember for pies remember always cut a slit in the
center of the pie to let off steam as it bakes

look wonderfully crispy and flaky it is

it is great to use oat flour for this flaky pastry

Yessss....I love this and I am definitely going to use
this pastry again for my other pies :))

Flaky Pastry Chicken Pie

Ingredients for the flaky pastry

100 gm plain four
150 gm oat flour ( you can use instant oat and blend into flour using the food processor )
60 gm butter - cold cut into cubes

115 gm pastry margarine
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp lime juice

110-150 ml ice cold water


Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl, add in the oat flour. Rub butter into the flour mixture till it resembles breadcrumbs. ( Do not overwork the mixture ) Mix the ice water with lime juice ans slowly pour into the flour mixture, stirring with a spoon or palette . Stop adding the water as soon as the mixture starts to bind together. (You may not need all the water or you need a little bit more water. Allow the look and feel to guide you ) Knead the dough lightly, do not overdo it or your pastry will starts to get elastic and tough.
Pat the pastry into a ball and wrap in plastic, refrigerate it for 30 minutes. Roll the pastry into a rectangular about 5 mm thick and dot half the pastry margarine on the center of the rectangular ( please refer to the steps as shown in the pictures above ) and fold the left side over the margarine. Place the remaining margarine on top of the fold and fold the right segment over the margarine.

Roll out into a rectagular and fold again , the same steps as above but this time without any margarine. Chill it for 15 mins. Repeat the process one more time and the pastry is ready for use.

Roll out the puff to 3 mm thick. Cut into rounds big enough to cover your ramekin or over proof pie dishes. Spoon some prepared filling ( click here for the recipe ) into each ramekin or over proof pie dish. Place another piece of cut out pastry over and make a slight slit on top of the pastry ( to allow steam to escape during baking) Glaze pastry with beaten egg.
Baked in preheated oven at 200ยบ C until golden brown for 25-30 minutes. Remove and serve immediately.



  1. Aw, I love the hearts on top! I love a good chicken pie - and good pastry dough makes all the difference!

  2. Yummy pie. Where did you get your oat flour? Is it from Intrico?

  3. This is definately much healthier than the regular pies. Great idea is using oat flour. I have to try this out. Thanks for sharing Elin.

  4. A healthier option you have there Elin. I like pies, esp those savoury ones for they make light meals, on those days when I feel like not eating much.

  5. Good and healthy option using oat flour! Would like to try it. You think using only oats will have the same effect? I mean without all-purpose flour?

  6. Elin, do you line the bottom of the aluminium pie tray first with pastry b4 adding the filling and then cover with another layer of the pastry. Your pie looks gorgeous and tq for sharing

  7. Oh..Using oat flour is much healthier. Must try this out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Mae, thanks :)

    Hi Cheah, I used instant oats..dump them into a food processor and blend into flour :)) Been looking for it but none available in Ipoh. :)

    Hi Gert, you are welcome :) yup it is much more healthier and has the oats fragrance :)

    Hi James...yup it is light snack. I will normally have this with a bowl of mushroom soup and that's my dinner :p

    Hi Shirley, I am not sure how it will turn out if use only oat flour. I have to try it out on my next project. Will let you know then :)

    Hi are welcome . Yup you have to line the ramekin with a layer of pastry, bottom and sides, fill with the filling then cover with another layer of pastry. Crimp the edges all round and it is ready for baking :)

    Hi Anncoo, you are welcome :))

  9. Elin, your chicken pie looks just heavenly!

  10. I am determined to try oat flour - that pastry looks incredible!

  11. I have never tried with oat flour flour. Looks delicious. Muts try one day. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Angie,
    Thanks :) Heavenly and Healthy too :))

    Hi CC,
    I am trying to make this pie gluten free for people who cant eat gluten product. Next one will be totally gluten free. I will use 100% oat flour :))

    Hi Mary,

    Do try using oat flour. It is much more fragrant than plain flour. I was inspired by the cookbook " Oats Delicieux " :))

  13. Wow, pretty and tasty - maybe the best chicken how you explained the pastry...thanks

  14. Elin, Thanks for the tip on how to line the ramekin

  15. This looks so scrumptious! Be careful next time if you choose to use 100% oats, because without wheat flour, it'll be hard to keep it from crumbling. You could try to throw in some xanthan gum to make it hold better. I definitely need to get my gluten-free certified oats into the food processor, turn then into flour, and try this!

  16. Hi TEAH...oh is it, then I must be careful when just using oat flour alone. Overhere I don't think they sell xanthan gum. Any other alternatives that I can use other than xanthan gum?

  17. Oooo...lovely! And love those hearts! Think I'll make mine like that for my X'mas dinner. Me, copycat! Hehehehehe!


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