Monday, December 21, 2009

Burdock Root Soup

A nourishing and detoxifying Burdock Root Soup that was simmered for 3 hours with red dates and chicken is today’s highlight . The japanese call this ‘Gobo’ ( poor man’s potatoes ) and the Chinese call it ‘ Ngau Pong ’ in Cantonese. Don’t ask me why it is called ‘ Ngau Pong’..maybe some of you can tell me what ' ngau pong ' means :p

Burdock is primarily a tonic and alterative herb. The cumulative effect of its use is said to bring a subtle strengthening and cleansing to the entire system. Good for removing toxins from our blood – a blood purifier ! It is popular in Japan as a source of vitamin and other nutrients. Japanese served this as a light japanese salad – julienned and cooked lightly with light soy sauce, sweet rice wine, chopped green onions and sesame seeds. I cook a nutritious soup with this burdock for the family. I have yet to use them in salad… is tasty and sweet in soup so I will definitely cook this again for the family.

It is aromatic and sweet and I love the subtle woody root smell. A simple and delicious burdock root soup that is so enriched with vits and nutrients. After tucking in so much of oven baked stuff the whole week ..this is good for detoxification :)) It also helps in clearing up skin conditions as psoriasis and dry, scaly eczema. Wow…it even helps reduce blood sugar levels ! Hah…I am slowly turning into a health freak….am I ? :p

burdock root from Japan

simmered for 3 hours under low heat

you can boil the burdock root with wolfberries too

Burdock Root Soup
(Serves 2 person )


1 stick of burdock root- cut into a few pieces
8 red dates
1/2 chicken - cut into pieces

1700 litres water
salt to taste


Boil 1.7 litres of water in a pot under high heat. When the water boils put in the chicken pieces and boil under medium heat till the scum surfaces. Scoop off the scum from the surface, lower heat and add in the burdock root and red dates and continues to simmer the soup for 3 hours under low heat. Add salt to taste. Serve hot.

Quote for the day

" A home is a place where a pot of fresh soup
simmers gently on the hob, filling the kitchen
with soft aromas...and filling your heart, and
later your tummy, with joy. "

~ Keith Floyd ~



  1. how coincidental! I just made a 'healthy soup myself...gingko nut chicken soup..Ive heard burdock is good although I have never tried it myself. good for you. we need healthy soups once in a awhile after all the cakes n pies! :))

    btw..merry Christmas to you n your family Elin! n happy mew year.. you do celebrate christmas dont you? I remember uou christmas present wish list! ;)so I assume you do :)))

  2. wah...very poe tonight.. good.. tomorrow got more stamina to work.. hahaha...

  3. sorry.. that was supposed to be my comment.. ..hahhaa..forgot to sign out... my eyes all blur

  4. I have never had burdock..the soup looks nutritious and delicious!

  5. Mum has always boiled this soup and I never knew it was called burdock root! I don't know wad ngau pong means either but that's what i've been calling it. So it does serve a purpose after having so much of it.. I didn't know what it was really for.. ha ha.. thanks for sharing this with us :)

  6. owh...never tasted this soup before..seems very nice. hehe...

  7. Hi Elin,
    I'm Japanese and I've just read your comment on Piggy. This is not a book but some cake recipes translated into English. Hope they'll be of your help.

  8. Koreans eat burdock, too, but it's more of the Japanese style--julienned, seasoned and eaten as a sidedish.

  9. I saw this at Chinatown and have no clue what to do with it. Now I know :) There is another root very similar to this called 'Wai Sun' and it is really good to make soup.

  10. I have never seen burdock root before - maybe next time I visit our local Asian grocery, I can find it! I'm slowly becoming a health freak too - don't worry about it!

  11. I've heard of this before but have never tried! Time to hunt them down!

  12. Hi Zurin...I will try your gingko nut chicken soup next...looks delish and I know gingko is good for health :)
    Yup, celebrating christmas haha you still remembers my christmas wish list :))

    Hi Claire...try this soup...very good for health and tasty too :)

    Hi try cooking this if you can find burdock root over there in Germany...nutritious and tasty too :)

    Hi drink more since you know its goodness :))

    Hi Gabriel...ohhh you must ask your mom to boil this soup for you :)) bring her to my blog :))

    Hi Sachiko...thanks :)

    Hi Tamar...haha yup it is first popular in Japan and Korea :)

    Hi Gert...yup it looks like ' wai sun' do try is good for health and tasty too :)

    Hi try boiling this is tasty and good for health :) it is good to eat healthy :)

    Hi try this soup...lots of goodness in it and tasty too..I am sure you will love it :))


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