Thursday, December 3, 2009

Japanese Teriyaki Roast With Wasabi

This is my own recipe....wasabi and teriyaki honey & soy sauce are the only ingredients used for this Japanese Teriyaki Roast. I am an avid fan of wasabi and I knew this would come soon. Daddy asked " how are you going to cook this chicken leg ? " I told him this " wait, I am going to give you a surprise and I am sure you will love it " but actually I do not know what to do with the chicken legs at the time when I answered him :p Daddy only knows how to eat , so as long as I make something nice he doesn't mind how I cooked them :p I looked through the fridge looking through bottles of sauces for something that can go well for the chicken and suddenly my eyes just focus on the tin of wasabi and suddenly this great idea come to mind. Haha , I am going to surprise him indeed! Wasabi in his roast chicken LOL! yess... I know it will turn out good in my mind. So I took out the wasabi and this teriyaki sauce . Rubbing the wasabi under the skin of the chicken legs and smiling to myself...surprise him I will and brushed on teriyaki honey & soy sauce on the surface of the legs. So easy..isn't it . Roast them at 200 deg C for 45 minutes and tada... a crispy and golden leg for Daddy LOL!

Rub wasabi under the chicken skin...don't worry about the fat near the skin
they will turn into oil and drip off on the aluminium foil

I love this teriyaki Honey & Soy sauce...good for
cooking chicken and good for salmon too :))

the wasabi and teriyaki sauce goes well together...perfect match
in heaven..... the skin is crispy and honey sweet :)

I cooked this organic ramen to go with the roast
Daddy was surprised with this presentation *wink
foodies are more careful with their presentation of food
and I told him to go slow with the roast coz
there is wasabi underneath the skin......
wheez... it was a perfect combo alright :))

Japanese Teriyaki Roast With Wasabi

Ingredients for the chicken legs:

2 Chicken Legs - with skin on

teriyaki honey & soy sauce - to taste
wasabi - to taste


Preheat oven at 200º C
Wash and wipe dry the chicken legs with paper towel. Rub wasabi under the skin . Place chicken legs on a wire rack with aluminium foil at the bottom to take the drips. Brush on the surface of legs with teriyaki honey & soy sauce. Bake at 200º C for 45 minutes or till cooked and golden brown. Every 10 minutes , take the legs out and brush on the teriyaki sauce. Repeat process 3 times till the legs are cooked and the skin are crispy and golden brown. Take out and served with brown rice or organic ramen with tomatoes and celery.

Ingredients for the organic ramen:

2 pieces of organic dried ramen (any flavor )- cooked till al dente
2 stems of celery - diced
4 cherry tomatoes - diced
sprigs of italian parsley - chopped coarsely
sprigs of rosemary - chopped coarsely
2 tbsp olive oil
black pepper - toasted and crushed fine
garlic salt for sprinkling on the ramen

Preparation of the organic ramen :

Boil water in a pot and cook the ramen till al dente. Strained and leave aside. Lightly saute the rest of the ingredients with olive oil for 2 minutes in a non-stick pan . Off the heat and pour in the ramen and stir till well mixed. Sprinkle garlic salt on the ramen mixture and serve it with the Japanese Teriyaki Roast.

Quote of the day

" There is no spectacle on earth more appealing
than that of a beautiful woman in the act of
cooking dinner for someone she loves "

~ Thomas wolfe ~

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  1. This looks amazing Elin! I just want to reach out and grab that chicken.

  2. wow .... restaurant-worthy food from you daily. open a cafe in kl and ill come everyday!

  3. When you said about wasabi I thought that the sauce for the ramen was wasabi! phew, luckily it was just in the chicken. I bet they gave a really good "kick". I like the sauce for the ramen actually. Just good ol' olive oil and some herbs.

  4. The chicken leg looks fabulous in colour! I bet it taste wonderful too. Lucky, daddy! I think his waist is expanding too. haha....

  5. I love Teriyaki! Well, who doesn't? :-)) The roast looks bright shiny, and heavenly delicious!

  6. Wonder how it'll taste like, wasabi....won't it be hot and 'pungent'? Your hubby is sure lucky to have you.

  7. That's such a beautiful piece of golden and delicious. A lovely meal.

  8. Very creative! This is awesome, must try to make this one day.

  9. tomorrow take me go buy this teriyaki whatever... oK? makes me drool over this now... came at the wrong timing..hahaa...

  10. oh elin! Wait a min!!...U really need to slow down a bit la. hahaha!! just kidding!!everyday different food...if i want to start i also donno which one to start 1st la...
    this chicken looks so nice and yummy!!

    honestly i really admire ur creativity la...

  11. Ooh this looks good! Look at the color on that chicken skin! (My secret - the skin is my favorite part!) I bet this is bursting with flavor.

  12. I never thought of adding wasabi to marinade my chicken, thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll add a little wasabi in my next chicken marinade.

  13. I love using teriyaki sauce in fish and chicken but I never pair it with wasabi..mmm great idea. I have to try this out next. Thanks for sharing Elin.

  14. Dear Elin!
    You are becoming Japanese!LO
    Best regards,

  15. Wasabi makes me sneeze!.. but heck I love it. Paired with that's perfect for my tastebud. :)

  16. I love the wasabi hiding under the skin! What a great recipe.

  17. The sauce is called "Teriyaki Honey" or just "Teriyaki"

    yeah...sounds easy to make.

  18. Love the wasabi! I would have been more evil and "forget" to mention so it would be a true surprise haha!

  19. That is an original recipe! Thanks for sharing :)

  20. I like the glaze on the chicken! great use of wasabi here.

  21. I dream about chicken skin that looks like that!

  22. I was busy the past few days so could not reply to all your comments...thanks for dropping a line here :))

    Hi must try this original recipe...uyou will surely love it if you like wasabi :)

    Hi Celine...thanks for the compliment :)

    Hi Tracie...yup olive and herbs make a great combo...taste good in simplicity ")

    Hi Kristy...shhhh he is expanding but I make him do the mopping so it takes off the inches off his waist :p

    Hi Angie...heehee bingo! it was heavenly delicious :) clever girl *wink

    Hi Cheah...haha that was not enough , I mean wasabi , so we added more after it was cooked...whoa it really gave us the ' kick ' wonderful!

    Hi Mary...thanks...try it but I guess your kids may not like the ' kick ' :p

    Hi Anncoo...try it today haha I tell you , you will crave for more!

    Hi Jo....don't worry...will make this again and again!

    Hi Claire...just go to Jusco Japanese section...lots of japanese sauces...just ask the sale person. I am busy till middle of month and you would have gone to Japan adi. Have a nice trip and don't forget my goodies!

    Hi Mandy...thanks for dropping by to drool..ok will go slow, busy lately with work :(

    Hi TEAH ....I love the skin too when it has been burnt off the fat..crispy and bursting with flavor :)

    Hi are welcome ! :)

    Hi must try it. Great combo these two. You are welcome :))

    Hi Robert...your influence I guess. Visiting your blog too often :p Haha I love japanese food so will try mixing and playing around with japanese ingredients. Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi SweetKitchen.... :) welcome

    Hi CC... you are welcome :)

    Hi Little Lamb...sorry to reply you late. You can get this from Jusco Japanese section. It is Kikkoman brand. Teriyaki - Honey & Soy . RM 11.50 per bottle

    Hi Shelly... you will be indeed more 'evil' than me LOL!

    Hi Karine...thanks and you are welcome ! :)

  23. Hi Pigpigscorner...yup surprisingly it is a great pair and tasted heavenly :))

    Hi Danielle...haha yup and the moment you put that into your mouth..mmm you will think you have gone to heaven and came back :p

  24. Yumy yuuumyyyy .. the pictures arouse one's appetite, looks delicious!


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