Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roast Drumstick With Mustard Sauce

We love roast of any kind…especially chicken. I will normally roast chicken legs, drumstick or wings. It is more tasty and flavorful when marinated with special sauces and I for one would like to experiment with all kinds of sauces that I can think of. Creativity has a free hand when it comes to preparing dinner for ourselves. I like simple preparation if possible ! :) Like this roast…one may think it involves a lot of work but it is actually very simple. Just chop up the Italian parsley from the garden and garlic…mix with a spoonful of soft butter and American mild mustard…that’s it , you get the best aromatic marinade sauce for the drumsticks. Stuffed the sauce under the drumstick skin and arrange them on a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. Drizzle olive oil on the drumstick and brush teriyaki honey and soy sauce on each drumstick and baked at 200º C for 40 minutes or until golden . You can keep glazing the drumsticks with the teriyaki sauce every 10 minutes to have a more flavorful and crispy skin.

So dinner tonite is more tasty and this helps sealed Daddy’s lips for the time being LOL! Sweet , herbs scented and finger-licking good pieces of drumstick for dinner and the left-overs can be kept for lunch/dinner the next day. Serve this with garden salad and brown rice. I am sure he has nothing to complain about now….haha now back to baking my cakes and watching HK drama series ‘ Born Rich ’ ….this is how I spend my time after work. Work , exercise and play and BLOGGING suits me well. I love the way I live my life and I have no complain…seriously I wish I have 36 hours a day ! Wishful thinking? Well…everyone must have dreams….. :))

american mild mustard, soft butter, chopped parsley
and chopped garlic - for stuffing under the skin :)

this make the chicken drumstick more tasty

brush the skin with teriyaki honey & soy sauce
and sprinkle rosemary on the drumsticks

Mmmm...yummy and the aroma makeup for
those simple meals...and brought a smile
to the mean meat man :p

I love garden salad with Thousand Island Dressing
goes well with the roast

this is heavenly...compared to those simple meals of late :p

Roast Drumstick With Mustard Sauce


6 drumsticks with skin intact - washed , cleaned and drained

1 tbsp of soft butter
3 sprigs of fresh italian parsley
3 pips of garlic - chopped
1 tbsp of american mild mustard sauce
1 tsp of sea salt - rub over the drumsticks
1/2 cup teriyaki honey & soy sauce - for glazing


Preheat oven to 200º C .

Mix the ingredients (A) together and stuff this mixture under the skin of each drumstick for better flavor and arrange them on a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. Drizzle olive oil on the drumsticks and brush teriyaki honey and soy sauce on each drumstick and bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown . You can keep glazing the drumsticks with the teriyaki sauce every 10 minutes to have a more flavorful and crispy skin.

Enjoy and share this :)



  1. Elin, you make the healthy meal tastes so delightful!

  2. I love chicken and this healthy meal suits my taste. Must try this one day ~ Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh! looks so yummy!!! I bet the chicken smell nice with that Rosemary.....

  4. Luve the idea of using mustard sauce

  5. I had some roasted chicken thigh rice stir-fry for the dinner...yours look so much better, and well-plated. ;-)

  6. That's such a beautiful dish...way better than what I can get outside. Beautiful presentation. My family would love this.

  7. Kindly let me know what kind of rice did you serve with the roast chicken drumsticks? Rgds - Sherry

  8. =.= *faints* when Claire mentioned that you are a great chef... I knew I have reasons to avoid your blog, Elin. =.= But no, my tangan gatal, I have to come here and see see oso! Ahhhhhh... now my stomach playing rock and roll, and too bad you are in Ipoh, if not, i would shamelessly go and pester you and beg for food. Looks sooooo delicious!

  9. ooh "born rich", i chose to watch "beyond the realm of conscience" instead (watch this if you have time - really good!). maybe i should watch "born rich" as well :)

  10. i just had my dinner, and i am so hungry already. hmmm....

  11. Oh dear, I think my kids would crazy for this one here.... Looks so tasty lol!

  12. Wow, an awesome meal, simple too, like the look of the roast, so mouth-watering!

  13. Hi Little Inbox...I do? Thanks :))

    Hi Anncoo...you must..it is tasty and I always believe that oven baked are more healthier than deep frying :p

    Hi Mandy...haha yuppy delish!

    Hi Kenny...oh ya..the mustard added flavor to the chicken :))

    Hi Angie...yours sound delish too!

    Hi Mary...thanks I hope your family loves this dish :))

    Hi Sherry...That was brown rice...the texture is springy and it is healthy rice. No starch good for health.

    Hi Cleffairy....haha give in to temptation leh. Claire is my colleague and she is my taster for all my bakes...Ain't she the lucky one. I am not a great chef but an amateur LOL! I love playing with food though haha

    Hi grub..I have finished watching " Beyond the Realm of Conscience " yup it is a great drama. love it!

    Hi Gabriel...sorry for the temptation before u...all the food porn...sure make u hungry eh :p

    Hi Kristy...haha I am sure they will jump for joy if you cook this for them :)

    Hi Cheah....haha try this when your kids are back for holidays:)

  14. Looks so delicious! I like how you stuffed the sauce =)

  15. Hi pigpigscorner..thanks.:) chicken always taste more flavorful when you stuff the sauce under the skin. More delicious :)

  16. I am always up for roast chicken! These sound lovely - and once again, what a pretty plate full of food!

  17. Hi TEAH,
    :) yesss....the roasts is delicious prepared thisway...falvorful and tasty. The presentation makes it psychologically more delish LOL!


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