Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chargrilled Salmon With Capsicum Salsa Fettuccine

This is a simple one dish meal that I love...chargrilled salmon with capsicum salsa fettuccine. This is the best solution when too lazy to eat out or too busy chasing after a drama :p Weekend is the best time to cook something nice but I was deep into watching a Hongkong drama series " Beyond The Realm of Conscience " to want to cook something elaborate. Simple but delicious , a can of chargrilled salmon with capsicum salsa , some garden parsley, yellow onion and a packet of fettuccine and some olive oil...that's it. A quick fix fettuccine dinner for both of us :))

those parsley are from the garden :))

big chunks of chargrilled my delight mMmmm

Chargrilled Salmon With Capsicum Salsa Fettuccine


fettuccine for 2 person - cooked til al dente
1 can of chargrilled salmon with capsicum salsa
some chopped italian parsley
1 yellow onion - sliced thinly
2 tbsp olive oil


Cooked the fettuccine in hot boiling water till al dente. Drained and add olive oil and mix well. Dish the olive coated fettuccine onto a plate, garnish with sliced yellow onions, parsley and garnish with the chargrilled salmon with capsicum salsa.

Enjoy !


  1. Yes, it sounds like a good quick-fix!

  2. mple and delicious! I always have pasta when I need a quick fix.

  3. Simple and looks delicious. I have been eating a lot of salmon lately. This would be a lovely addition to my menu.

  4. Elin, you have just made me feel hungry!

  5. I love meals that come together this quickly! This looks delicious.

  6. Chargrilled salmon, I like that, great meal!

  7. actually I wanted to cook pasta today, of course normal one la...cream type...but tak jadi coz never buy the maybe next week only i will cook...looking at the makes me feel so hungry liao...nice presentation as well..i love it...

  8. YUm yum yum Elin, this looks very very tempting. I love those flat noodles !!!

  9. I love your pictures, they make the dish look so delicious!

  10. Hi is :))

    Hi is the easiest to prepare kind of meal..simple yet delicious and versatile too!

    Hi Mary...thanks for always making my dishes sound great haha thanks for the support! :)

    Hi Angie...LOL! blame the photography skills !:))

    Hi too. but pasta is always easy to prepare...versatile too:)

    Hi Cheah....yuppy great meal..I agree...easy to prepare too :)

    Hi Mandy..try this will love it esp if you live a busy life :))

    Hi Zurin....LOL do try this out...esp when u are rushing for time :)

    Hi Mother Rimmy....LOL! ya camera trick though :p

  11. I love noodles & pasta. No matter how they came out with... spicy, sweet & sour, salty... And of coz, I love yours too! yumm....


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